How to carve wooden decorations with the Dremel Stylus – Part One

Corinne Bradd transforms hand-cut chunks of wood into smooth, professional-looking decorations. In Part 1 of the demonstration, she carves the shape and edge…

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25 Responses to How to carve wooden decorations with the Dremel Stylus – Part One

  1. xenidus says:

    easy-peasy ya’ll!

    Wish I? could learn to be British 🙁

  2. Woodspiritsoul says:

    I was waiting for ages until someone would? give some more info about the dremel stylus. I bought it such a long time ago and I had to figure out most of the uses by myself. I would appreciate if the manufacturer had provided more info in the packaging. Also there was nowhere info about which tip (nose, accessory whatever someone may call it) is good for which use. Thank you so much for this video even with some….delay!

  3. psychoplot says:

    surely thx? that you enlight people here, but sorry that u seem like just very amateur about engraving&carving…. u should improve…

  4. David Kling says:

    aaah! thanks, I? was trying to do a concave way…this makes a lot more sense.

  5. cool25837005 says:

    my cat is? licking my hand

  6. limyohwan says:

    it’s much easier to use a longer? tool;;

  7. LaneMaddox00 says:

    this? is awsome video thanks for posting…im looking to egrave my family name in a rifle that has ben in my family for years

  8. garttheawesome says:

    So I’m? not the only one? Now I don”t feel quite so bad.

  9. garttheawesome says:


  10. pwalpar says:

    Very informative, Now I have to search for part two. Many of my videos that have more than one part I include a? link in the description, to the other parts. You may get more views if you try it.

  11. cliftut says:

    Don’t worry folks – the users manual specifically states that the? Dremel is NOT to be used as a dentistry drill on humans or animals. 😉

  12. Ill Temper says:

    Murder? you ready or what? I can offer you therapy that will cure your insanity, I’ll have no problem taking care of your problem guy just let me know & it’ll be on. ? I put that on everything that I love

  13. steve mecc says:

    That made me laugh? my head off!!

  14. pythagoreios07 says:

    Kate you are so cute!!!!!?

  15. tanukitejon says:

    i thought wood carving was a manly? way to spend spare time till i found this. Must change hobbie.

  16. Patch5636 says:

    The blank was? hand cut, phew

  17. Iyad Boulos says:

    last for ages my ass!!!! i have this piece of shit wont last 5 to 10 min max!!! and needs? hours to charge!

  18. MrYuyuko says:

    That Dremel Stylus looks not very powerful. But? the decoration idea is nice.

  19. 310shadow310 says:

    English accent wit a? mean as lisp is not a good combo!

  20. 310shadow310 says:

    Great? big O titties tho!

  21. 310shadow310 says:

    My ears are bleeding!?

  22. Django New Tune says:

    nice boobwork…errr? – woodworking!

  23. Sylvertiger3 says:

    Thats not true is it? I know my dentist uses it, and she reassures me that its just fine, especially after a couple of shots of? analgesia

  24. Hedera Helix says:

  25. Floda Reltih says:

    i think i could make more of an impact on that wood with my teeth?

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