How to Carve a Pumpkin with a Dremel

Learn how to carve pumpkins using a Dremel tool with carving attachements. Pick out a pattern, print it out, pin it onto your pumpkin, then use a pin to trace the design onto your pumpkin. Grab a Dremel with the Pumpkin Carving Kit to speed up the carving process. Simply follow the lines. Then etch away the interior of the design to create your finished pumpkin design. From more creative pumpkin carving ideas visit or watch Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas or Pumpkin Carving Ideas Using Power Tools: Find the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit at

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13 Responses to How to Carve a Pumpkin with a Dremel

  1. DanFProductions says:


  2. Winter Lord says:

    what tip did you use??

  3. Lowes says:

    The tip in this case is? the one that comes with the pumpkin carving Dremel tool. Dremel also sells tip kits for various purposes to use on a standard Dremel tool.

  4. MrSteveMegg says:

    perfect thanks.

  5. YanabaM says:

    That’s still not very clear. I would want to buy the full tool, but there are many options and power levels to? choose from. How can I know whether the tips you used come with the ones I’m looking at, when I even don’t know the tip names?

  6. harrypotter4no1 says:

    For? a more clear description see Seasonscelebrations chanel and watch their video

  7. Norman O'Genski says:

    Where is your eye protection? lady?

  8. donniedarko88888 says:

    well? this sucks..

  9. Allen Goodman says:

    That bit left some messy lines,I still love my? Dremel though !

  10. setsunasamachan says:

    @nogenski3 its? just pumpkin peel.

  11. setsunasamachan says:

    @YanabaM they do t have names, the tips have numbers by? catalog.

  12. MrRjpugh says:

    A few have asked what Dremel tip she’s using. The pumpkin carving Dremel? uses what looks like one of the engraving cutters; a 108 or 109. The engraving cutters come in nine sizes numbered 105 to 113, with the finest being the 105. Use whichever tip you’re most comfortable with.

  13. aftonmielke says:

    Lol. One year later.
    I’m using a regular dremel tool with a drywall bit. It’s working out? just fine. The pumpkin is lightweight enough to use the drywall bit with, and the drywall bit is less expensive.

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