How to Carve a Funkin (artificial pumpkin) with a Dremel

This video easily walks you through the process of carving a Funkin carvable foam pumpkin with a Dremel tool. With a little practice, you’ll be able to carve one of these in a matter of a few minutes. Using this process, I’ve carved over 40 of these this year, with a few more to go, for my Jack-o-Lanter archway project for Halloween 2010! Check out the completed arch and some of my AWESOME Halloween animations on my YouTube Channel… Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook!

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10 Responses to How to Carve a Funkin (artificial pumpkin) with a Dremel

  1. J PumpkinKing says:

    The number of Funkins I’ve carved? this year is now at 62!

  2. Hagen Kelleth says:

    Love? the background music from Nightmare Before Christmas

  3. Jason Pyatt says:

    You are awesome. Thanks for the? tips in carving, I’ve carved a dozen “Michael’s ” pumpkins, you make it look very easy 🙂 I eventually got a dremel with the attachment like you have; I just need more practice! I’ve always wondered if the Funkins would be a better carving choice.

  4. tiomela says:

    Awesome. I am just starting? out so wish me luck!

  5. William S. says:

    Thank you?

  6. risu1313 says:

    Hello. Is the one on the far left the Granata Funkin? And would that one be big enough to wear over your head? Thanks in advance.?

  7. J PumpkinKing says:

    Actually, YES! It is large enough! I’ve actually created a Jack-o-Lantern mask using the same size? FunKin! You just have to make sure you carve a nice big hole in the bottom so you can fit your head in. Also, glue some dark mesh cloth on the inside so people can’t see your face. You can see out just fine, although it does make it a little darker at night. PLUS, make sure you glue in some foam padding so when you turn your head, the pumpkin moves with you and doesn’t wiggle! Good Luck!

  8. risu1313 says:

    Thanks so? much!

  9. ascantron03 says:

    What bit are? you using? It looks like the 561 MultiPurpose Cutting Bit.

  10. levi cruz says:

    they? look so real

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