How to: a Mitersaw Jig 4 crown moulding.

A jig I made which allows crown and other molding to be cut much more accurately. I know you can buy similar attachments but thius is much cheaper than the cost of two such items (Two are needed to cut left and right).

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  1. 65bogy says:

    lol i no the problem man …lol ..i do tha work? too …god idea …like

  2. 65bogy says:

    i sub to you chanel … no stop d videos?

  3. MisterSoul99 says:

    This? has actually worked out so good on my Hitachi saw I am going to do one on my 12″ deWalt.
    I really should have done this mod years ago. Thanks for posting….. love your Channel.

  4. Philip Mitchell says:


  5. scott sohn says:

    Why dont you just buy? a set of crown stops for your saw

  6. MisterSoul99 says:

    Oh there you go trying? to make it simple 😉 The one design I saw was like $35. for just one side. This also adds a little length to the table which was a unintended benefit. Thanks for your comment.

  7. akromix says:


  8. MisterSoul99 says:

    I can tell you, these stops work very well, just last week I cut up this crown molding which had a flat piece? attached so it would sit on top of cabinets, worked great!

  9. akromix says:

    I just bought a ridgid 10 incher that included one stop for the base and it can easily go from left? to right side. About to do another crown job and see how it works. So far from testing the saw I am impressed but obviously I’m running to the store to get a good diablo blade tomorrow. Can never have enough chop saws. Bought this one specifically for trim work.

  10. MisterSoul99 says:

    Let me know how it works out…. For what I do, I need it on both sides, taking it loose to move it would give me problems. what do they? cost to buy?>

  11. akromix says:

    The saw itself was 220 after tax. Plus a 60 dollar diablo finishing blade. The crown stop it includes is just one. But I could order another and have both. The way they slip into place make it seem unnecessary. But? as I said I will let you know after Monday/Tuesday. Doing a cabinet crown job.

  12. akromix says:

    ended up working out really well. Had to cut it how it was installed. but turned out flawless and? homeowner was happy

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