Home Improvements : How to Measure & Cut Crown Molding

When measuring and cutting crown molding, begin in a corner with 45-degree angles and add one-eighth of an inch to any long measurement to allow for cutting …

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12 Responses to Home Improvements : How to Measure & Cut Crown Molding

  1. devegus says:

    nice? video

  2. jc1042 says:

    Thanks? Tim!

  3. kafi121 says:

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  4. Scott Gipson says:

    Thanks My? name is Scott Gipson and I do this occasionally but your video was a good refresher course.

  5. Saborsaoco Loco says:

    Thanks Tim!?

  6. gusyve says:

    how to cut dead ends under the? stairs ?
    thanks for this video Tim.

  7. Bearwood Brown says:

    thanks great production values but IM being fussy why do u have the saw facing away? from the camera , its upside down and backwards to the viewer, Im tryn to cut some foam molding and nothing Ive seen so far will work for me

  8. Dennis Aran says:

    You need? to get someone with experience to produce your videos. Most people don’t have experience and they will be working with a dangerous table saw. Try talking the importance of safety first and show the full demonstration so people can follow you more easily. WHEW!

  9. aholecop says:

    im? more confused now then ever.

  10. kevbocometh says:

    that was completely f-ing? useless

  11. The000007777 says:

    fucking a tim do u work? at burgerking

  12. telosfd says:

    Take a higher? steps!!!!!!!

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