Gundam/ mech model workshop 12: Rotary tools and Dremel in scale model applications

Reviewing the generic 220-230V old generation Super Works rotary tool in a light hobby application. I choose the mains power over a battery powered unit which is also fine to use. Most materials can be machined using this tool and the correct attachment…

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13 Responses to Gundam/ mech model workshop 12: Rotary tools and Dremel in scale model applications

  1. BasicModelling says:

    I have just bought a similar tool, and I’m looking forward? to start using it in due time.. 🙂 Thanks for the excellent advice… 🙂

  2. mokanaman says:

    I’ve had this baby for over 5 years and have done some interesting work with it. You may not be interested in model robots but I do review? hobby tools…

  3. BasicModelling says:

    I’m always looking into expanding my interest in the hobby.. but if it is ‘working’ robots, then they’re most likely beyond my expertise..? 🙂

  4. cestrianmodeller says:

    just subbed man, thanks for the friends invite. good vid… aint got a dremel yet but might invest in one but never really? thought of using it…

  5. mokanaman says:

    Back when I was in high school I would build my kits at my friends? house and a gentlemen down the road would give us tips in improving. He went on a holiday and my friend feed his cat for a week. When we returned he gave my friend his old Dremel as a gift. There really great for kit bashing…

  6. lhasarus says:

    Great introduction!

    I’ve to buy one of these time-savers next time I stand in front of one (I hesitated to buy one for 3? years now XD)

    And thanks for the resin-warning. It can’t be mentioned too much.

  7. mokanaman says:

    Thanks, you will? see me using this in a lot of my tutorials so a brief video was worth while. You will hear me bitch about resin a lot…

  8. BikerTrashWolf says:

    Ok first off: OMG a 220V dremel??? Can you cut down trees with it or something?

    Second off: With my dremel I pretty much gave up trying to use it in model building because it seems like more than cuttign it just heats up the plastic to the point where it melts and makes? it roll off . I cant get jsut a nice clean cut ever reguardless of how high I turn the RPM

  9. dominichelton says:

    lol i have a small 20 dollar rotary tool that comes with like 300 pieces, lots of those pink bits and bout 30 replacable cutting wheels. it doesnt have a setting control but isnt entirely too strong, has no problem? cutting through plastic, just take 15 seconds.

  10. mokanaman says:

    Its perfectly fine, the first one I ever used was like that. There is nothing wrong with using what you? have and tsking your time in this hobby…

  11. mokanaman says:

    The best advice I can give is to lower the RPM and slow down. Take a break in between cutting? to allow the plastic to remain hard.

  12. ZombiesRCoolPainting says:

    Interesting but scary 🙂 maybe something I may get in? a few years 🙂 thanks for the vid it’s nice to see what one of these things are capable of.

  13. mokanaman says:

    There is nothing scary about power tools in any hobby. If you have the means of using or buying one practic it on random materials and cheap kits to get a feel for it. As soon as you try using it? and make a few mistakes you will never look back.

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