FGY Stone & Cabinet – Crown Molding Installation

FGY Stone & Cabinet has a huge selection of kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops (granite & marble), vanity cabinets, tiles, laminate & hardwood flooring, a…

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9 Responses to FGY Stone & Cabinet – Crown Molding Installation

  1. brooklyner12 says:

    Well, the major reason to look at your video was to get a point HOW you did 135 degree angle crown molding cut while installing on that corner cabinet. How you? did it ????????

  2. giliam74 says:

    the most useless? video….

  3. EryahJames88 says:

    hahah? sooo dumb

  4. Scott Ashmore says:

    When 2 cabinets meet at a corner cabinet, the angle is likely? 45 degrees (or at least is in this video) All you need to do is lay your corner piece on the saw table; bottom of the crown against the fence, top of the crown flat on the table, set your miter saw to 22.5 degrees and make 1 inside corner cut, flip it and make another inside corner. You adjoining pieces will also have a 22.5 degree corner.

    It is just like making a 45 degree cut for a 90 degree corner, just half as many degrees.

  5. Corey Cyr says:

    I hope your sale people are? not as useless as your videos, my competitors are realy making my job easy these days.

  6. 58Met3T says:

    You DO NOT nail moulding to the cabinet. How would you go around the side of the cabinet,? with the 1/8″ stile / side difference? Use a nailing board on top of the cabinet. Nail to it.
    What a useless video.
    I had a recipe like this for chicken and dumplins. Cook chicken. Add dumplins.

  7. Froylan Zurita says:

    no bueno?

  8. msphotopdx says:

    Thanks? for a completely worthless video.

  9. jcohenmd says:

    well at least now we know where NOT to go? for trim work lol

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