Dremel’s No. 561 Multi-Purpose Bit

It has never been easier to make fast cut-outs in fiberglass or plunge cuts into wood. Frank Tiano shows you that it’s time to give your jigsaw a vacation.

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12 Responses to Dremel’s No. 561 Multi-Purpose Bit

  1. Orrphan says:

    Love it at 1:40 “I didnt use the one with the black thing on the end… the plug in the wall? ” LOL

  2. MissMousy60 says:

    I have that bit too but cannot cut wood with it. Even very thin plywood. Even with the tool on the highest power it will barely cut. It rips the wood and about breaks my wrist. Also my battery only lasts about five minutes. The woman at the Dremel place said that is all the longer it will last if? you use it on high power. I would not have bought it if I knew it only lasted that long.

  3. Hunter Scarborough says:

    rofl he is so smart about woodworking and knows alot about his? dremel…. but as my 8th grade teacher used to say, “Complete and utter lack of understanding when *topic* is concerned.” lol

  4. lamedefaultname says:

    Nice, but you guys see that dust coming off of there as it’s chewing through the fiberglass? That’s not good in your lungs… use a vac and wear a mask? to be safe!

  5. bratan007 says:

    Wow, that looks pretty amazing! I need? to cut some 1/4″ polycarbonate and this looks like a perfect attachment. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  6. ChicaWolverina says:

    You need to optimize your audio before you upload, erm… use a limiter? too.

  7. KungFuChess says:

    awsome i need? one of these thanks!

  8. richdrummer54321 says:

    Great vid man. I like your enthusiasm!?

  9. amirnasher says:

    What bit can I use to? cut 1″-1.5″ or more with my dremel ? for Styrofoam for example

  10. Monica Donohoe says:

    you’re? awesome 🙂

  11. Chet Rogers says:

    Thank you very much. I gotta watch more videos from you.

  12. monakw says:

    Thanks..I love? my dremel tool…you are funny too..but pls wear a mask with that fiberglass dust..I want you to stay funny for a long time!!! Thanks

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