Dremel Trio Tool Kit 6800-01

To Purchase Dremel Trio tool Kit, Click Here www.lighttoolsupply.com 6800-01 Trio Tool Kit The multi-purpose cutting bit included with the Dremel Trio lets you cut a variety of materials using only one bit The pivoting handle on the Dremel Trio can be positioned straight-up or at a 90-degree angle for superior tool control and maximum comfort Note: The Dremel Trio uses only Trio accessories. Dremel rotary tool accessories are not compatible with the Trio tool. Kit Includes: Trio Tool TR800 Straight Edge/Circle Guide Attachment TR563 Trio High Speed Cutter (Carbide) Trio Mandrel TR407 TR408 ½” 60 grit sanding band (2) TR432 ½” 120 grit sanding band (2) TR445 ½” 240 grit sanding band (2) TR654 1/4″ Straight Router Bit Wrench Storage Case Owner’s Manual

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3 Responses to Dremel Trio Tool Kit 6800-01

  1. DocWyoming says:

    Oh? my, very nice!

  2. 6ft3soldier says:

    Yea looks easy but? its not , thats why they have this fake animated video doin it. if you dont have a work bench or table to work on and clamps to hold object this is very hard to do and frustrating.

  3. flyguyty33 says:

    just bought? it…piece of shit

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