Dremel Trio Electric Tool

Dremel Trio Electric Tool Dremel has always been and remains a developer and producer of top quality multifunctional electric tools. Its history has started in 1932 when its founder Albert J. Dremel, American inventor and industrialist, had invented his first multifunctional electric tool. Dremel supplies its universal tools used in many different spheres of activity or hobbies. New Dremel TRIO is an ideal tool for creative minds which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Dremel TRIO is a “3 in 1” system of spiral tools for cutting, shaping and grinding wood, plastic, thin sheet metal, plaster slab and tiles. Dremel TRIO has perfect ergonomic characteristics. It has two-position rotational pistol grip providing convenience of horizontal and vertical control. Smooth speed adjustment provides optimum quality and accuracy of operation with different materials. Constant electronics provides cushion start without any hitches and constant torque for superior workpiece machining. Controlled work depth provides machining of materials of different thickness. Special pipe for vacuum cleaner will help you to clean working area. The tool is stored and transported in a convenient plastic case. Install a universal hard cutting bit in the tool and cut one more circular hole in plastic material. Install grinding head and grind uneven surfaces. You have nice “eight”. Install a universal bit, straight guide member and connect a vacuum cleaner. Cut required plywood piece and grind its

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