Dremel Tool

The next time you’re in the dentist’s chair, know that the grinding you hear—and feel—could also be taking place on a piece of glass! The very same tool can …

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21 Responses to Dremel Tool

  1. xNAgff says:

    Thanks for posting.?

  2. Breyerpeep says:

    wow! well they say you? learn somthing new every day!lol

  3. USACitizenJames says:

    I think they used a? dremel in ancient egypt

  4. 7warlord7 says:

    how much does it cost??

  5. arthurmee says:

    less? than you think!

  6. Crimyote says:

    Wait did that guy just wipe away glass dust with just his hand? Wouldn’t? that cut him?

  7. rploeger says:

    í have? something simmiliar to that, a bit weaker though

  8. JustinR19 says:

    Nah, im? pretty sure your thinking of Ancient Rome.

  9. soccrsnipe says:

    you caught him, the professional glass etcher actually cuts his hand every time he wipes away the glass? dust.

  10. SS4769 says:

    I have a dremel too, maybe a little weaker. i tried? engraving and it is so freaking hard!!!i should get templates;)

  11. Lokivoid says:

    what he is useing is a dental drill. i? wish dremel would make some remotely close to that quality

  12. Ke1no says:

    yeah i use a dremel by the brand dremel and its good enough but really? nothing like what he is using.
    if the company dremel would make better and smaller diamond tips it wouldnt be so bad though but they wear out fast and their smallest one feels like a friggin football when your trying to do small details

    hes engraving the word glass on that thing but i think its crystal seeing how easily he cuts through it.
    my dremel will do that no problem but real glass is harder

  13. corningmuseumofglass says:

    The tool is referred to in the generic as a flex-shaft. This one is made by the Foredom company. The long flexible shaft allows you to work in or very near water with electrical concerns. The diamond bits are very inexpensive, and are more of a throw-away? style tool, although when used with water, will last quite nicely.

  14. corningmuseumofglass says:

    And, for what its? worth, the glass being used is soda lime glass, not lead crystal.

  15. MultiViews says:

    dremel has an extender 😛 it’s pretty? small 🙂

  16. tervic3 says:

    ??????????? ????? !
    ?????????? ?????? !

  17. Gyperboloid says:

    I agree,? for details, the dremel multi-tool such as the 300 series is not the best. ?ry the dremelEngraver

  18. SlappieBob says:

    That was all? Hehe, I thought we were going to get the? secret art and stuffXD

  19. Serostern says:

    “No? different from a dentist’s drill”
    EEP! Wrong!
    A dentist’s drill is pneumatic. Dremel tools are electric.

  20. blackops696 says:

    can u use it? for pelxi glass as well?

  21. corningmuseumofglass says:

    @blackops696- I don’t see why not, but you want to use it at a slower speed and possibly different bits to get the best result. Because Plexiglass is so soft, a carbide burr rather thana diamond may leave a better looking mark, and prevent? gumming of the burr’s tip.

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