Dremel Techniques For Case Modding, Part 2, www.mnpctech.com


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24 Responses to Dremel Techniques For Case Modding, Part 2, www.mnpctech.com

  1. RashidulThePlumber says:

    Hey, nice video. Can you? provide me with a link to the blue light you used inside your case?

  2. alejandro4096 says:

    muy buenos videos me? suscribo desde aqui en guatemala

  3. Andrew Pierson says:

    what kind of blade? are you using on that dremel?

  4. FatBastard Pipes says:

    Why use a metal cut out? Just use some black-out adhesive vinyl (the kind used for signs) that you can cut with an exacto blade, it would come out much cleaner, and less mess to deal? with.

  5. jimmimak says:

    Hi, I like the tutorials. Have you tried using diamond cutting wheels? I? would be interested to know how they compare to the ones you use. I have cut holes in stainless steel sheet with them.

  6. otny says:

    cool? i’m going to make a hot girl mud flap one

  7. Jack Chen says:

    don’t mind me asking, but you can sand off with the? dremel as well, right?

  8. MonsterMawd says:

    Yes! :)?

  9. fremag123vif says:

    Thanks alot! Gonna use these techniques when making my first casemod, “the power Kommie”

    (guess three times what it is? based upon)

  10. MrLink2424 says:

    bad ass?

  11. Roy Wetering says:

    This is? great!

  12. VickexM says:

    Yoo! I have a Cooler master haf mini 922, i cut out the fence like side and put a case windows there instead. Here is the problem, i only had the fence like side? that i cut out, so and i would like to make like a cartoonish figure on the side just like u, but what material can i use to make it? Cant use the fence like material since that would look strange.

  13. MrTwisted003 says:

    Dude!…That table 4:31? ! Freakin awesome…I want…lol

  14. TheCraftedApple says:

    I’m? having trouble cutting the side of a computer case. It’s the Antec 200 that I want to modify. I have the dremel 200. When I have it on full power, it just leaves shiny metal marks but doesn’t ever get to cutting. Help please!

  15. Rafael Lopes says:

    Why don’t you use the? Dremel sanding?

  16. Allen Irizarry says:


  17. MrTwisted003 says:

    I know this is an old comment, but if you haven’t already got your answer…
    Turn it down…I have a different one (Wizard?), but notice it chews up the discs more than the metal the faster the speed it’s on. I set mine to speed 1 or 2 (on a 1-10 scale) and it cuts way better, and one disc has lasted me thru the whole mod (I’ve cut everything up on the side, front, bottom, and inside). Compared to 5 discs I went thru on a 7in cut on high speed…lol.?

  18. ExcludedBug says:

    The logo looks like? an angry canadian.

  19. Brian Spilner says:

    can I draw apple logo on my side panel with dremel ??

  20. Lordcirdan says:

    Que trabajo? de porquería!

  21. jtp0213 says:

    at what speed are you? doing the circle cutting on your dremel?

  22. Maurice Lastt says:

    That table is? amazing.

  23. Torren Chrono says:

    you can? do ANYTHING with a dremel! 😀

  24. DEZDU43 says:

    Bonjour, es que quelq’un? peut me dire coment s’appel cette bande que vous mettez a 1.30 ?

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