Dremel Techniques For Case Modding, Part 1, www.mnpctech.com


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25 Responses to Dremel Techniques For Case Modding, Part 1, www.mnpctech.com

  1. maggotheretic117 says:

    i challenge you to? use a router instead of a dremel 😀 lol

  2. Philiphfisch says:

    Is it able to cut Boat fiberglass?? I want to make a place for? VHF radio on mine.
    Thanks Edo

  3. MrICYFRESH23 says:

    Cool,., but can u make a video on how to cut a design on an xbox 360? becuase the plastic burns and it makes? it harder to cut designs

  4. PeaceWalkerify says:

    hi sir… what is your rotating speed?.. ?

  5. PeaceWalkerify says:

    and can you till me what tool you use to make a? screw hole?

  6. Candyman97 says:

    That was my Dad’s motto, when ever he was teaching me how to use a tool. Thank you for bringing back good memories, I lost my Dad in 2009 to Cancer. Plus I have been using what I have? learned from your channel, to mod my own computer case. God Bless You!!!!

  7. ChaffyCougar says:

    Good? explanation

  8. Craig Wadman says:

    Really nice watch. :)?

  9. MrUmnix says:

    3:20 Why you don’t use dremel to polish it??? :)?

  10. AidanzAnimations says:

    A? drill?

  11. PeaceWalkerify says:

    Be more? specif…

  12. AidanzAnimations says:

    3/16th of an inch I think. 🙂 any metal or wood drill? bit should work, best to punch a pilot “hole” first to stop the bit sliding around and f***ing up your nice case though 🙂

  13. Rafael Lopes says:

    I have a cordless dremel, and it’s? 30k rpm 🙂

  14. Proctie1 says:

    lol.. the guy is cutting through metal in this? video.. and you are asking if it can cut through plastic?

  15. Rei gan says:

    Was thinking the? same thing myself….

  16. Liquido Suave says:

    What is the name of it?

  17. Liquido Suave says:

    I need one so i can make more cable? management holes for my case

  18. Appl3crisps says:

    you sound? like my woodshop teacher


    would this be right one for cutting plastic with modeling??? and as you said about the cordless? should it make a huge difference with using something like that for modeling….just asking for someone who is thinking of getting one..be sure he isnt wasting his money, otherwise ill have to hear about it…lol.

  20. Gazuntaii says:

    For anyone new to modding you should always cut your holes smaller than you want? them. Even if it’s just a small line. If you didn’t do this and then you filed/sanded it down it would end up bigger than you wanted. It’s a lot easier to make the hole bigger than to buy a new case/part and try again.

  21. Randiezorzorzor says:

    will it cut Magnesium??

  22. TheForistality says:

    I just bought a cheap jobmate rotary tool. I was testing it out, trying to? cut through a panel of an old computer.

    Sparks started flying, the smell of burnt metal, and I barely even scratched the panel. Did I do something wrong?

    I actually had to apply force to even scratch the case.

  23. Gce0rge says:

    Sounds like a bad machine, dremel would have no trouble :)?

  24. filipe687 says:

    It cuts fucking metal.?

  25. ILIK3HATERZ says:


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