Dremel Rotary Tool Work Station

www.dremelrotarytoolkit.com – Ideal for crafts, hobbies, metal working, and a variety of around-the-house jobs, the Dremel Work Station transforms any Dremel rotary tool into a tabletop drill press, steady sander and used for fixed cutting.

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12 Responses to Dremel Rotary Tool Work Station

  1. Manhi40 says:

    i? got this for christmas… why am i watching this?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Ni5ei says:

    I just bought this but I’m not really satisfied. The whole front part is plastic including the rotary part. When you tighten it to keep it in place it pulls the whole part a bit out of line resulting in that the drill isn’t exactly 90 degrees to the base plate. Also, attaching the drill is way too cumbersome. There should be a simple click -on, click-off system instead of? having to use the plastic bolt to screw on to your drill.

  3. DarkDevil345 says:

    can u? do that with metal

  4. Cacortes Cortes says:

    Bom dia Senhores.
    Sou do Brasil. Gostaria de comprar um equipamento deste?? Aguardo retorno em email: mnhcortes@ig.com.br

  5. Fili2009able says:

    I’ll save my money and buy a better tool later,this? one is going back to the store.

  6. jumpercable95 says:

    im? gettin one

  7. djfreebey says:

    peace of junk i? got one then tuck it back to shop

  8. chilldog1234567890 says:

    coz? you have no life.

  9. Manhi40 says:

    wow, is there really? that little comments on this video?

  10. Splentaur says:

    judging? by your comment, you are probably too mentally deficient to operate power tools and that’s why you “tuck” it back. Piece out.

  11. djfreebey says:

    i tuck it back cos it keep coming lose when useing and that hold was pastic and top of Dremel was? not ever clip down in place at all

  12. Spoif says:

    You may want to consider the tolerance of these tools, particularly at accuracy <1mm. I drill a lot of PCBs with using the 3 jaw chuck with 0.8mm drills. It's not nearly as accurate as I would like; despite numerous attempts with various settings to obtain results.
    Also, the clown in the? video has the speed set at maximum. This is wrong; even for wood. Use a slower speed as it will merely burn your job. For plastics, use the slowest speed you can otherwise you'll end up with a melted mess.

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