Dremel multi-max

Everyone has that one tool that we all “go to” and this is my new go to tool….The dremel multi-max

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14 Responses to Dremel multi-max

  1. tony7043 says:

    Great tool that I used to own
    Dad (? Good Video )

  2. alexis221woodworks says:

    HaHa….You can? have it back…

  3. karenmullen31 says:

    mine is a hammer?

  4. Guy Bradbury says:

    Cool Tool! Nice to have? a demo before I buy.

  5. alexis221woodworks says:

    Thanks.? Its well worth the money. There are a lot of uses with it….

  6. 38bobbear says:

    Funny I think I have one….I’m going to have to? try it….Great!!!!

  7. 47WMATAIJI says:

    2 minutes and 35 second wasted before finally going to? the Dremel.

  8. turion6529 says:

    sorry.. what is oscillating tool?? please someone explain to me..? Thanks

  9. alexis221woodworks says:

    It not only spins but oscillates back and forth? to help with the the cutting action…

  10. turion6529 says:

    this are multitools? thanks for your answer..?

  11. Samuel Felix says:

    Why is there a poster of? the wiggles in your shop? LOL … Nice tool

  12. Oscar G says:

    And they won’t chop
    Your finger off if? u miss, I love these tools

  13. ibleedblue1101 says:

    small wiggling action pretty much, all you feel is vibration< it doesnt spin ?

  14. ibleedblue1101 says:

    i? noticed the high end jet powertools in the background….wow! do you have a video on those yet?

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