Dremel Multi Max Oscillating Tool

Dremel Multi Max Oscillating Tool in Action. Scraping , sanding, and cutting. Read the full review here: tool-rank.com

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25 Responses to Dremel Multi Max Oscillating Tool

  1. Pizzscn says:

    Yeah I FINALLY could see that at one point in this video?

  2. donmon95 says:

    I think it uses magnetic vibrations like? my tooth brush but i could be wrong.

  3. vecs says:

    You can use the 3/4″ Wood/Metal Flush cut? blade. MM422

  4. zubery says:

    So before I spend another 100 dollars on a tool, would it work on cutting thin stainless steel nail tips from the outside of something that I don’t want to mutilate ? Or how about a totally? different tool?

  5. ToolRank says:

    Using a Dremel rotary tool with a cut off disk would probably do a? better job, but I will see if I can test this out for you sometime this week using the multi max.

  6. Oscar Espinoza says:

    you need to lower your? speed settings thats whats causing the smoke

  7. jpwheeilng2000 says:

    Say I hope the? Company is answering these Questions, I would like to know if this tool would be good for cutting carpet, I have a Replacement Carpet for my Vehicle, this carpet also has a Rubber backing to it, I would like this tool to give me a straight line cut or Trim cut and to start a cut from like the middle of the carpet, thanks for any information.,

  8. reinruof66 says:

    I? like the porno music.

  9. wilmaman says:

    But can? it core an apple??

  10. wilmaman says:

    I received this tool as a holiday gift and have used it 4 times already. Works great,although only soft, non metallic metals can be cut. Also great? for cutting out grout and old tile without damaging surrounding areas..Down side is cost of the grout attachment and other attachments very expensive..Unit only comes with 3 attachments

  11. Thunderstrucker says:

    “Non metallic metals” ?? sounds like freaky shit.

  12. wilmaman says:

    Yeas that was freaky..I read it somewhere.. I think they? meant,non-ferrous metals

  13. mrkutsara says:

    Can I used the sanding features of this Dremel Tool in sanding body filler in my car’s body? repairs (small spots)?
    Let me know if it will works.

  14. traxxasemaxxrules says:

    i just bought a craftsman multi tool with 2 spare batteries? i should have got the dremel

  15. brodcastrs says:

    LOL Multi? master by the german company nis the best! IT would DESTORY THE DREMAL ANTY TIME ANY WHERE! LOL!
    in my opion at least.

  16. alexis221woodworks says:

    This is a great tool I use it all the time…check out my? vids on it…

  17. AREMCD08 says:

    clearly you havnt lived till u had a dremel

  18. Mkewl2006 says:

    Very poor video for this tool. I cannot believe that dremel would have posted a link from there site to this video. Potential buyers of this tool want to see it in action performing common tasks, not just cutting some notch in what…..? The multimax is a great tool for it’s designed purpose. Come on dremel, step up, you can do much better than this.

  19. chriswolfman97 says:

    I just Got One for $35 on Clearance At Lowe’s cant Wait to Use it?

  20. aybarra018455 says:

    I just got on for 15? dollars at a tent sale home depot had that they used for a demo.

  21. GreatWhiteNiko says:

    Is this tool good for dental? work? I’ve been thinking of becoming a dentist.

  22. Chris Carter says:

    Do you think it would? hold up to daily use?

  23. ToolRank says:

    This model is a few years? old now. If you are going to use it daily you would be better off with the newer more powerful Dremel model or the Bosch MX30 which is contractor grade.

  24. equlizer says:

    What amperage is this? one? I just got one and it says its 1.5A

  25. AWood28 says:

    Amazing product,? use it all the time

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