Dremel EZ Lock Wood Cutting Wheel #544

Testing my new Dremel EZ544 1-1/2-Inch EZ Lock Wood Cutting Wheel, held in with a EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel. I used my Model 285 Dremel for this test.

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6 Responses to Dremel EZ Lock Wood Cutting Wheel #544

  1. HowToWith GEO says:

    Yes, for this particular cutting wheel (#544) you do. But there are other cutting? wheels that don’t require the speed fastener.

  2. Jonathan Warner says:

    Trouble is, unless you are cutting a short piece of wood, it’s? going to cut at an angle.

  3. romoburro says:

    2013 marzo rip gato?

  4. HowToWith GEO says:

    you are correct. The Dremel motor does get in? the way.

  5. Bill Slavin says:

    Those cutting blades don’t last long.
    The higher the speed, the shorter? it’s life-span.

  6. HowToWith GEO says:

    Really? That’s a bummer. They look fairly? sturdy.

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