Dremel Engraver

Me showing you the viewer how to use a Dremel Engraver. look at http://www.georgiannahardwarecorporation.com for more things that I have done.

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12 Responses to Dremel Engraver

  1. 6291994mike says:

    thanks, i? want to engrave a dog tag on the back. on the front is the american flag.

  2. FutureQuarryMan says:

    Thanks for the comment.? Hope it works out and good luck.

  3. FutureQuarryMan says:

    The stencil is made out of plastic, it? came with the engraver.

  4. FutureQuarryMan says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I had the flu. The material you are engraving will probably make more for a difference than the tool. Learning takes a lot of trial and error. I always use scrap materials and do a few test runs? before I tackle a project.

  5. blackops696 says:

    can use this for plexi glass?
    can u use this for plastic to like on a xbox 360?

    please comment back thankx?

  6. FutureQuarryMan says:

    You can use it on plexi glass and plastic, but you? will have to take the case off of the xbox 360.
    By the way nice case mod. 😉

  7. samuraimaster93 says:

    how do you engrave this handle and? not cut the plastic frame u use?

  8. FutureQuarryMan says:

    It does not actually cut the material, it vibrates the tip of the engraver which made out? of carbide. So it etches the material.

  9. Alpha Male says:

    buy a new cam?

  10. mx72sss says:

    Is this a special dremel for engraving only?? A normal dremel spins. You commented that the one you are using vibrates. Thanks.

  11. Badrivers says:

    what is the most powerful bit dor engraving wood and stone?? bit number u recomnend? thanks

  12. leoisforevercool says:

    How fine? is the tip? I want to engrave a watch case.

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