Dremel dog nails, Trimming dog nails with dremel tool, Clipping dog toenails

How I dremel dog nails, step by step instructions using close-up video. www.k-ninedobermans.com Trimming or clipping dog nails with a manual guillotine clipper tool and then a dremel grinder for dog nails. Photos of a dremel tool and dremel trimming technique. Read about trimming and clipping tricks using a dremel on dog toenails. Trimming dog nails can be dangerous, do so at your own risk. We are providing this video for information purposes only.

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5 Responses to Dremel dog nails, Trimming dog nails with dremel tool, Clipping dog toenails

  1. KitsuneOokamiYasha says:

    Wonderful i don’t have a Dremel but i was looking on how to clip nails? with a guillotine clipper which is the only clipper for dogs we have. Our older dogs wear their nails down but out newest dog’s nail grow faster or she just doesn’t wear them down. Which means we all are getting bloody scratches on our legs from the hooks (i think you called them) they are very sharp. wish we could take them all to a groomer to get them all trimmed but don’t know how much that would cost.

  2. jduenas32 says:

    THANKS FOR THE VIDEO!!!! I think I just saved 15 bucks by not bringing him to the? groomer

  3. justxboredx3 says:

    investing on the dremel is the best thing you can do. it’s $20 for each nail grinding at my local groomer’s. It’s less than $40 on amazon for a dremel and it lasts pretty long. i’ve had mine for a year, still? feels brand new, i didn’t even replace the sand paper yet.

  4. TheTramm says:

    Thank you for the video, I was able to do this on my chocolate lab who’s black nails scare me from clipping.? Was painless and quick, though she was nervous 🙂

  5. Donna Baron says:

    Great video, thank? you

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