Dremel dog nails, Part 1, trimming dog nails before the dremel, clipping dog toenails

How I dremel dog nails, step by step instructions using close-up video. www.k-ninedobermans.com Trimming or clipping dog nails with a manual guillotine clipper tool and then a dremel grinder for dog nails. Photos of a dremel tool and dremel trimming technique. Read about trimming and clipping tricks using a dremel on dog toenails. Trimming dog nails can be dangerous, do so at your own risk. We are providing this video for information purposes only.

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6 Responses to Dremel dog nails, Part 1, trimming dog nails before the dremel, clipping dog toenails

  1. erinf31 says:

    Thank you for this up close view! I can really see where to clip the? nails.

  2. richipooo says:

    wow? i just learned how to use these nail clippers as when i used them before i always clipped from the front of the nail and not from behind no wonder my dogs screamed when i tried those clippers they dont come with directions i noticed and no wonder alot of dogs hate there nails clipped when your doing it wrong in the first place now i stick with the dremel tool and have no problems i have to say this was a great video thanks for posting this i learned something from this !

  3. loudsilentscreams says:

    I love how you? take your dog’s trust under consideration, rather than clipping a lot and making him bleed. I love your technique and I can tell you love him just like I love my baby girl. Very educational video!:)

  4. dmpeters16 says:

    What did you use and how much of it did you use? to sedate your dog and how much does she weigh so I know how to get my Dobermans done with out a fight.

  5. KNineDobermans says:

    I used several of my dogs to tape this video to get enough closeup footage. None of them were sedated, they are all very trusting and familiar with my technique. If I were you and having difficulty, wait until? they have been out to play and eaten their dinner, they will not be as energetic as first thing in the morning. You might want to give them a benedryl, it will make them a little sleepy. I can do all of my dogs in the middle of the day with no problems.

  6. FUreplygirl says:

    WOW. soo much easier on a? big dog. I get really nervous with my Prague ratter

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