Dremel cut-off wheels 409 420 540

Dremel cut off wheels 409, 420, 540.

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  1. MyNameIsBumbles says:

    are there different types of cut off wheels for different? materials. im going to cut a design into my xbox 360 case, is there any certain type of cut off wheel i should use.

  2. rosetools says:

    going to cut just straight line and slight curve use the 409 for it is for plastic and metal. If it is a little tougher metal then the reinforced 426 hard material for instance granite use diamond 545 wheel. If you were going to major designs I suggest a bit for you have more control. multipurpose bit kit? 565 cuts plastic, fiberglass, drywall, aluminum vinyl siding you should use the guide it gives you better depth control
    Hope that helps some

  3. iPT2gGeec says:

    I’m looking to buy a Dremel 100 and on Amazon it says that it comes with a “heavy duty emery cut off wheel”. Is that the same type of cutting tool used in this video and will it work? with cutting into a metal computer case (I assume it should)? Thanks!

  4. rosetools says:

    The 409 is good for metal but honestly it breaks under too much pressure, I would suggest the reinforced number 426 or the new EZ lock ez456 they would definatley do the job and last a lot longer the 409 420 540 will work but you go through them? more

  5. JoeTheQuadder says:

    No matter what I am cutting,metal,wood,etc,it? just breaks off.I’ve wasted like 6 already.Help

  6. gailea1 says:

    It seemed like I was making no progress dancing around on metal, so I stayed in one? spot. Yes, it cut through part of the metal but the 420 wheel broke in the process. From your video I see it’s better to keep moving around. Thanks for putting this up.

  7. TRYER25 says:

    I noticed that too. Cut 1 mm Stainless? S and wheel is still good.

  8. Ig Saturation says:

    Nice job. I use a light touch on all the wheels, and have not yet broken even a 409. It is the thinnest of the wheels, and makes a nice fine cut, and like a scalpel, you can can easily break the blade if you pull it the wrong way. The thicker blades can? take more bending and force, but if you do much, it will wear the discs prematurely. Thanks again.

  9. shojimujo says:

    What cut off wheel would? be good for cutting carbon fiber? Thanks

  10. rosetools says:

    there are two wheels that might be able to do it the first is the diamond wheel model 545 and then the ezlock ez456 I would use them first because it is compared with the older 53+ and doesnt? wear as much. I would thing the ez456 would do it but honestly cant be for sure. You might want to check with dremel M-F at 18004373634 and if you dont feel like doing that let me know and I will call them for you

  11. TwentyEightySeven says:

    I’ve got some 540 cut off wheels, are they? suitable for constant wood use (primarily cutting MDF)? because the website says ‘occasional wood and plastic use’…. what does that even mean?! Will it work for 5 mins then break or something?

  12. Mossberg590Mariner says:

    What cut wheel would you recommend for cutting thick metal spoons for fishing lures? They aren’t too thick but? are thicker than normal. I want to get a dremel, which would make life a ton easier, so i can make my lures. Also, what kind of hand held tool should be good for all around projects? I may be needing it to run for more than 3-4 minutes, depending on what im doing. A few people say that some dremels burn out and stop working….

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