Dremel 4000 Review Part 2

Part 2 of the awesome Dremel 4000. Great tool so far.

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25 Responses to Dremel 4000 Review Part 2

  1. jeoofro69 says:

    This is? a great review man, good job. I’m thinking about getting the new Dremel 8200 cordless because of this video.

  2. MrRampro says:

    Thanks for? watchin!

  3. MegaRm86 says:

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe is was bigger because they wanted to give you more room to store future attachments and accessories??

  4. PoppaTom1948 says:

    The angle side of the attachment looks like it would allow you to sharpen? knives, hand axes chisels etc. looks like it is about 45 degrees(?) What do you think?

  5. MrRampro says:

    if you have a steady hand then I think it would work great from knives I tried? a chisel and it was ok

  6. jorge hernandez says:

    I have an identical Dremel tool, but I’ll use a variac transformer because 5,000 rpm is? sometimes a little too fast.

  7. pcblah says:

    hey man i need help i just got my dremel 4000 a few hours ago and used it for 5 min now its dead D: go see my newest vid its called? dremel problem

  8. Mrcaffinebean says:

    I wouldn’t? touch a knife to the Dremel grinding wheels because it isn’t needed. It may work well with axes because the tend to dull quickly and don’t require as smooth of an edge.

  9. Mrcaffinebean says:

    Excellent video!? I also love your other videos!

  10. Mrcaffinebean says:

    That Evo is knockoff CRKT M16.?

  11. MrRampro says:

    pretty much but its nice i? still use it

  12. LookieLoudLou says:

    Is this guy Seth? Rogan – cause he sounds like he’s…Seth Rogan.

  13. seeyditti says:

    how do you screw that black peice off. i tried everything holding down the lock button? and its just stuck?

  14. checkeraka47 says:

    can i use the polishing tool on things like rocks and make them? shiny?

  15. djSpinege says:

    that thing on the cord is to keep it tidy inside the plastic hard case… hard to explain with out showing it? lol

  16. sh60video says:

    ?????? ??? ???????

  17. vidaholmes says:

    thanks a lot? good info

  18. jamesadrian021957 says:

    I just got the 4000 last week and the tip uses a ‘”quick connect”. The grey end of the Dremel unscrews from the base and is used to loosen and tighten the tip instead of the black wrench. Still have to hold? down the small blue button to lock the shaft.

  19. tigertruckerman says:

    how come you got that big box of extra bits with your dremmel? ,i didnt

  20. Jacob Milon says:

    yup, you have convinced me? to stop thinking about buying one and just buy it. Job well done and thank you for erasing all my questions. Thumbs up.

  21. suilekelly says:

    Yea when you grind rust off old straight razors.
    cut as slow as possible.
    then take breaks from cutting.
    to? let the metal rest to not ruin the heat thingly.

  22. mrsmith193 says:

    You guys outta look at the Proxxon IB/E. This thing really does kick the Dremel’s butt if you’re after a real tool. They’re amazingly quite and smooth as well… very unlike the Dremel?

  23. mrsmith193 says:


  24. NINOBROWN914 says:

    seth rogan? is that you!. lol

  25. ???? ????????? says:

    ????????! ?????????? ?????? .????!! ???? ????????? ????? ?????? ????? ??????????!!!! ???????????? ????! ?????? ?????!? ??? ??????…

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