Dremel 4000 Review Part 1

Intro to my new tool. The Dremel 4000. A lot of tool in a little package.

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25 Responses to Dremel 4000 Review Part 1

  1. hislip33 says:

    love the? video, I’m into woods and carving thinking about getting one of these. thank you for the input and info on the tool can’t wait to get one!!!!!!!!!

  2. electricalsocket says:

    Let’s see here…this paper says “WARNING:? Serious Injury…” Blah…trash. This paper says “Death may…” Blah! boring…trash. OH! product warranty info. Cool. I’ll save this. LOL Love it!

  3. DentonRCdriver says:

    mine came with a case to store it? in

  4. djSpinege says:

    ya, same…
    mine also? came with no quick start guide or any instructions what so ever.

  5. mwhich50 says:

    Thanks for the video.? My son just got me one Xmas.

  6. oneyedthing says:

    is it better than 300??

  7. ElitFerret says:

    yes you can set a handle
    nice feeling comfortable with precision
    i have, i use? it and it’s a good thing to buy.
    mine come with a complete set of accessory in a hard case with handle

  8. ElitFerret says:

    the handle is screw exactly? where you hold it at 8:00

  9. MrMichaelpaul45 says:

    Hi,yes? you can get a support bar for your Dremel your buddy is right about this.Here in the UK we call it a Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment,cost in UK is around £14.99.

  10. JunglisticOne says:

    Great Value!?

  11. sh60video says:

    ????? ???? ??????? , ??? ?? ????? ?????? ???????????

  12. GunsRlife17 says:

    dude can u sharpen a 1095 steel knife with that??? or any knifes??

  13. hpylori7 says:

    good introduction. Especially since the instructions that come with the kit are not that? comprehensive. Thanks.

  14. frizstyler says:

    i wouldn’t say? you’re the person to trust about this.ur a fcking kid!

  15. James F says:

    Appreciate the? video’s for sure, my Dremel just died on me a few weeks ago and I haven’t had the cash to get a new one so I picked up one at Harbor Freight for 10 bucks. Well, let’s just say that Harbor Freights dremel is just fine, for doing scale models….but the accesories it comes with are worth the 10 bucks for sure.

  16. datguatboii says:

    i love his whole “safety” thing, i thought that was funny. lol, if youre told to be safe than it shows that you have no common? sense. im actually 16 years old and im begging my dad to buy me one.

  17. komodomoe says:

    he sounds? more like kenny powers. He owns a dremmel 4000, you shut up.

  18. sciencegey says:

    If you? were going to do engraving, you would probably use the flexible shaft.

  19. sweetypie000 says:

    I? was looking to buy one then you see the price in th UK and then you notice how much more expensive it is here and how few extras it contains than something £50 less.

    In other words welcome to rip-off britain

  20. glen soto says:

    dremel is awsome but now im hook? on buying parts for it..lol….gr8 video

  21. Jesus Ernesto Valdez Almaral says:

    I want this tool!! does it work with drills of 1/32 and? 1/64? or I need to buy an accesory to do that?

  22. ExtremHybrid says:


  23. signupsigma says:

    Is there are lead warning for the cord, like ” Warning. Handling the cord will expose you to lead.” I’d rather buy an environmentally friendly product. I found a generic rotary with 1.3 amp / 8000 to 35000 speed at $15.99, but the fucker’s cord? is coated withe lead poison.

  24. 949 says:

    why did you apologize? for the box being damaged?

  25. MrMick73 says:

    I love the Dremel Tool so much I went to my local Hardware Store
    and bought a chinese made tool for $20? with more bits and it Kicks Arse.
    Saved $100
    If it breaks Ill buy 5 more.

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