Dremel 4000 Real User Review – Comes with various different kit accessories – How to & Review

www.toolselect.com ToolSelect.com puts the Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool into the hands of 12C Welding and Fabrication to get their real user review of this rotary tool. For more information on this product or other unbiased real user reviews, visit us at www.toolselect.com

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15 Responses to Dremel 4000 Real User Review – Comes with various different kit accessories – How to & Review

  1. militiawarrior08 says:

    i love mine!! has way more power? than the cordless ones and even the 295 and 395 models

  2. brotherreece says:

    This guy looks like the love-child of? Keith Olbermann and Ted Danson.

  3. Larry D Nance Jr says:

    Review was less than informative. Waste of nearly? 6 minutes viewing time. Why review something you haven’t effectively used the features of the tool.

  4. toolselectTV says:

    What specific information were you looking? for?

  5. Larry D Nance Jr says:

    I wasn’t looking for anything specific except browsing YouTube for reviews of the Dremel 4000 as I’ve been thinking of getting one.

    I guess my issue is? that this is a tool review and this person didn’t really try out all the accessories because they didn’t fit his needs and the things he did try what I gather from his explanation was it is “tricky” to use or setup.

  6. toolselectTV says:

    Thanks for your input. We are always interested in knowing what information we should try and include in our reviews. These are real people doing reviews so we try to draw out information without telling them what they have to say. You can also get more information specific information in the community section of our Website. Many of the members are professionals who have or are using these tools. We always need people like yourself to participate? so hope you will join us.


    If the cutting wheel wears down? after couple inches your doing it wrong.

  8. sweetypie000 says:

    what it can do? for a start lol


    i got my 4000 about a week ago and i’ve already used it on half a dozen metal and woodworking projects. If you find yourself? in need of a small grinder/cutter or sander very often, this is the tool to own. To me it was very easy to set up.

  10. toolselectTV says:

    Nitro thank? you for sharing your experience with this also.

  11. victor yp says:

    muy bueno vuestros analisis sobre herramientas me ayudaron? mucho y me sacaron de dudas saludos desde peru

  12. Jacob Milon says:

    As far as knowing where to put things back, how about taking? a picture as a reference point with your phone since most people who can afford this probably have. I am definitely buying one, nice vid for sure.

  13. Alan Thomas says:

    I’m using this tool probably very differently than most. I do some occasional leather work. It’s full grain cow hide, so it’s very thick. It’s very difficult to punch through one layer, let alone 2 or 3 layers of full grain leather. I use this, a small drill bit, and the Dremel 220 work station as a drill press to make the many holes required to sew pieces together. It’s? very helpful and saves my hands, back, and eyes from the terror of manual punching. Some purist may not like it though.

  14. toolselectTV says:

    Thank you for sharing? your application with this tool also.

  15. crephotos says:

    yeah using a dremel for? cutting

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