Dremel 4000-2 Tool Unboxing

awesomeness. Bought it from the Home Depot.

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22 Responses to Dremel 4000-2 Tool Unboxing

  1. esquimalt1 says:

    looks? sweet

  2. ThumbsxUpx says:

    I don’t feel? like wasting money on a dremel, considering I hardly mod 😛

  3. aeTynoT562 says:

    how much??

  4. thebackflipmaster says:

    $80? ish

  5. thebackflipmaster says:


  6. playstation3dude says:

    The newer models are a little loose. :/ Mine is too. Don’t worry should still be aye? ok. 🙂

  7. gamerjoe22 says:

    … A Buffering bit is? not a cutting bit

  8. pcblah says:

    hey man i got the same thing 😀 too bad? it broke in 5 minutes of use though… shit! go see my newest vid it shows wat happened and i need help

  9. pcblah says:

    too bad mine shorted? and burned out :/

  10. scuffieduffie says:

    Fuck, here in Holland? the same set is 135 euro… aeround 195 dollar.

  11. LBPVIDSNOOb says:

    mods? for what?

  12. ColeJT14 says:

    Haha you took the words right out of my mouth. ? He thinks you can buy a battery for the 4000 but you have to buy a whole different tool.

  13. fishproet says:

    is it worth it? you have a drill press? for the dremel?

  14. megagodzilla8000 says:

    did it come with a circle guide? i see on? amazon it comes with one but from the looks here it doesnt

  15. NandaTemee says:

    can it cut metal? i want to cut some? parts of my CPU case. reply pls. thx

  16. thebackflipmaster says:

    Yes it can? cut metal, but it probably cannot cut anything too thick.

  17. NandaTemee says:

    alright, thats the go signal? for me. ill be buying this. thank you.

  18. mhrs1999colorado says:

    yes it is ?

  19. mrbing70 says:

    Can you “sand”? with this tool?

  20. mrbing70 says:

    Sorry, I should be more specific, does it have “discs” that? can sand?

  21. thebackflipmaster says:

    yes, and there are several different grits of sanding? attatchments

  22. XAVY SANTTS says:

    it shows that you are an asshole no idea what you do really?

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