Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool In Action

We take a look at the Dremel 3000 www.toolsinaction.com and also check out http

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6 Responses to Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool In Action

  1. vitopetre says:

    Nice review – great? job guys!

  2. Pap9 says:

    whoaaa i didnt knew about the nose trick:) i have an older version of dremel and i have to use the damn? wrench all the time (real pain in the ass:P)
    can you do a review of the newest wireless dremel (if i remember its 8200), as im looking for some wireless dremel-like tool? also a review/comparison of some electric drivers would be much apreciated:) i mean small drivers only with some clutch settings not big drill/drivers

  3. pptgtool says:

    The wrench sucks. Always dropping it. We did the 8200 and loved it. very nice. nice not being attached to a cord. We can take a look at the drivers and see what we? can come up with.

  4. aboy31fly says:

    Thanks guys good review and actually? oddly helpful

  5. pptgtool says:

    lol thanks?

  6. Cody Robertson says:

    Great? review!

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