Dremel 220 Workstation

How to assemble the dremel 220-01 workstation For more information on this dremel tool please visit us at www.roseantiquetools.com

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  1. emonty999 says:

    txs, wish I watched it earlier, instead of messing with it for an hour, it would have taken me 4.46 😉 The manual is crap, you did the job, thank you!?

  2. rosetools says:

    I had problems when I first got it too, looked? at the manual and said what!
    Glad it helped you out some.

  3. rosetools says:

    When putting the 220 Workstation together it can be somewhat of a challenge. Mount the large tube in the base then insert the small tube into the large tube from underneath the base. Insert hollow hole into? the large tube from the under side of the base plate. The black piece on the small hole will be toward the bottom of the base. Then you pull the black piece up and twist to lock in place.

  4. creativediva52 says:

    ALSO, I might add.. if you are using a Dremel 400XPR, you will need to rotate the tool counterclockwise, or – so that the buttons are facing out on the? right side. Otherwise, the tool hits the drilling mechanism.

  5. Glitchcool says:

    You are my hero? 🙂 I didn’t know how to fix the teleschope!

  6. jewels2day says:

    I? don’t usually have a problem with manuals however,I thought the workstation manual was a little confusing. Your video helped me out me out BIG TIME!!!
    Thank You!!

  7. rosetools says:

    No the dremel is sold separately ?

  8. drusus69 says:

    Just bought my first Dremel rotary tool (4000) and have just ordered the Workstation 220. Having? watched your demonstration for the workstation’s assembly, I now know that’ll I’ll be able to assemble it myself. Thanks for your time and effort.

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