diy guitar pedals, how to engrave by hand, dremel

take a look, really fun to create your own graphics using masking tape and a dremel loaded with bit # 105. by the time you fire up your printer and try to de…

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  1. woodburningmaster says:

    hey what size? chuck or collet do you use for tip # 105

  2. Joe Gagan says:

    not sure, i just have an assortment of collets.

    sometimes you can get away with wrapping a shank with a few wraps of masking tape or electronic shrink tubing to increase? the diameter of the bit if needed.

  3. famasdan says:

    i dont know what size mine are? no numbers on em… and what speed setting did you use?

  4. mezol1zee says:

    it’s like? tattooing. lol

  5. catnipdogfood says:

    what bit did you use for this project??

  6. neonknight6 says:

    Not bad, but you could do more detailed work with a non-rotating type? carbide engraver.

  7. Craigres11 says:

    cool stuff thanks!?

  8. Pete Soebekti says:

    3/32″ collet?

  9. Sebby Dimro says:

    does the bit you use ever get loose? it does for? me.

  10. Joe Gagan says:

    no,? i tighten it up and it stays. you have to have the right collet, though.

  11. rhoddity says:

    Neat technique! I will definitely try this out! =D?

  12. PisToneEffects says:

    I’ve just created new channel with a demo of my pedal.
    Would appreciate if you? guys would check it out, like, comment and subscribe!

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