Cutting Outside Crown Moulding Corner

Learn to cut perfect outside corners for crown moulding. Nearly 90% of the moldings offered by Superior Building Supplies have an option of having a pre-mitered or a pre-molded corner. These corners are easy to install, and eliminate the need to miter corners. For more details, please visit our website at or contact the Superior Customer Service Team at 888-328-9232 Photos available at

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5 Responses to Cutting Outside Crown Moulding Corner

  1. Divebuddy13 says:

    I also spent some time on the? web site with no luck finding the photos of the template…….

  2. mrbluestrings says:

    Click ” show more” under the video for more of a description of the video. There you will find the link to the photos that you can tape to the fence. Or you can? search the blog on the site for it. It is there and worked for me. Hope this helps!

  3. mrbluestrings says:

    read? my post to find the photos

  4. mrbluestrings says:

    read my post to? find the photos

  5. Shana Bly Washington says:

    I am a master of cutting crown molding now!!! LOL… Thanks so much for this video and the inside corner? video!

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