Cutting Metal with a Dremel

I use an EZ Lock Metal Cutting Disc on my Dremel to cut down the bolt on this old drawer handle. The sparks take me by surprise. I intentionally took it slow…

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25 Responses to Cutting Metal with a Dremel

  1. chaz141040 says:

    What’s? Italian for Hacksaw?

  2. 8906cwf says:

    that looks more like the grinding disk,? the metal cutting disk should be alot thinner and be a redish color. and would cut alot faster

  3. tronclay says:

    How is someone supposed to know? before trial and error? One way that really helps people, and i know this from personal experience, is to be constructive when you see them doing something incorrect and offer advice to help them out instead of just telling them they are wrong so you can show off how much you know. Honestly, id figure a tranny to be less rude than you for some reason

  4. tronclay says:

    its best? you get you english teacher, mate!

  5. 2000xlt says:

    one thing? to help with the threads is to put a nut on it then cut it down and the take thewire wheel clean it up and take off the nut to clean out the threads!!

  6. Tony1sierra says:

    Full power that? biatch!!!!

  7. Fred Roberts says:

    You have your gloves on upside down, fyi.. Is this video supposed to be a joke? If not…just terrible.?

  8. FreePizza007 says:

    I? have a 150mm hacksaw it’s cheaper. You can borrow it if you want.

  9. jasenonly says:

    lol @ 1:58 “Finish the job….”?

  10. Jack Chen says:

    noob here, the workstation is pretty good for drilling, you can use the lever to control the drill bit. I am considering this workstation for drilling and cutting thin aluminium sheets.

    but when 90 degree like what you did for cutting, can you operate the level to lower the cutting disc while you clamp the item to the base or? something? like a bench saw or sorts?

  11. Westernwilson says:

    Workstation looks very cool! But the gloves were a good idea, and I would also consider? a guard for the bit which is an accessory you can buy to protect you from flying bits of metal and sparks.

  12. Ryan Powers says:

    hahaha “your gloves are on backwards”… love? it

  13. CosmicLuminosEnergy says:


  14. finchdiver says:

    Yep your gloves are? definitely backwards….

  15. spacetransient says:

    With all due respect this is so wrong on so many levels it should not be seen as a “how to” video but as a “how not to” video. First: bare hands?? Second: rubber gloves to cut metal? As in melt gloves? Third: Hold with both hands on either side of cut- therefore binding cut on turning blade so it wants to “kick”-out??. Use needle nose vice grips instead!!. Please- If you do not know the correct way to do something- use this forum to request “how to” tips. Don’t teach? dangerous practices!!

  16. minc says:

    wow, backwards gloves.? wtf.

  17. Sir To You says:

    Good job it’s? not an angle grinder the way you use a dremel!

  18. subseeker says:

    How hard can it be, to? cut a single bolt… Phew!

  19. enyimaz says:

    it is? really worth to share on youtube!!!

  20. Folken86 says:

    which one is better, the one used in the video or the 4000, and waht? model is being used in this video?

  21. themfknightrider420 says:

    should have cut it at a higher speed,going? to cook the motor in that dremel

  22. salamandermania2 says:

    You are just cooking the insides of the? old girl

  23. tekren6 says:

    You should carve a turkey or a roast with that thing. I bet they got attatchments for smashing tatoes? too. J/K!

  24. William Allan says:

    your a fucking? retard

  25. jw437 says:

    cant believe it took you over 3 minutes to cut a bolt that would take only? take 30 secs to cut with a saw!!!!!!!

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