Cutting Crown Moulding in Position Part 2

This video shows and explains how to cut crown moulding in position on/with your compound miter saw safely and accurately.

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  1. gérard Rondeau says:

    développement interessant de coupes sortantes ,rentrantes et irégulières de coupes de corniches.?

  2. joefusco1960 says:

    Speed Bump!

    I don’t speak French (which I think that is)? and hopefully it wasn’t that bad 😉

  3. jdwhitt says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Having done one? room in the past and about to tackle a large living room, it’s great to get a refersher course from a pro!

  4. joefusco1960 says:


    I’m glad you found the vid helpful and good luck with your next project. If you have any questions you? can always visit my site, I’d be happy to help if I can.

  5. jdwhitt says:

    I do have a question for you… (I’ll post here so others might benefit) – Do you use wood putty, caulk or? something else to conceal joints, nail holes, etc? (For wood and/or composite moulding)

  6. joefusco1960 says:


    I’d be more than happy to answer here but this place isn’t setup well for explanations, like you can’t post links? or pictures.

    At the ceiling and wall lines i use a good quality painters caulk. For filling nail holes and improving some joints on interior work I use a mixture of “plaster or Paris” and joint compound in a 4 to 1 ratio of plaster to compound.

  7. joefusco1960 says:

    Over the years I’ve found this to work quite well and is inexpensive. You can if you want you a product like MH Ready Patch which is an excellent product for both? interior and exterior work.

    Sorry for the split post there is a 500 character limit in your posts.

  8. digitalprecisions says:

    Coping is indeed the way to go. I have the DeWalt 12″ sliding compound saw with matching stand (which extends/adjusts to allow the cutting of up to 16′ long pieces), along with the DeWalt crown stops you mentioned. The stops are almost essential for getting uniform cuts on long pieces of crown.
    With that being said, I prefer using my variable speed Bosch jigsaw w/coping foot attachment. Miters on inside corners are fine w/paint grade, caulkable wood…. but coping is a must on? stain grade.

  9. digitalprecisions says:

    Mud/paint buildup in inside corners (not to mention walls intersecting nowhere near? 90 degrees) will make using miter cuts in “real world” applications frustrating.
    The only instance I’d go out of my way to miter the inside corners as opposed to coping is if you have highly detailed crown molding. Lots of detail will make your coping hell.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and all your videos, it’s much appreciated.

  10. Zach Barnhart says:

    Great information, and very cool presentation!?

  11. joefusco1960 says:


    No video’s for sale, but if you post your question to my forum I’d help anytime? I can.

    w w w .constructionforumsonline.c o m

  12. joefusco1960 says:

    Do you have a picture of your ceiling condition that you can? post?

  13. Eddie Robertson says:

    Joe absolutely love the videos. I’m prepping myself for a home crown moulding? job and your expertise is giving me the confidence…thanks!

  14. kevlarunderwear22 says:

    love it , wish there were more by joe?

  15. cooljess76 says:

    When I read “cutting in position”, I expected to see someone holding? a miter saw up to the corner of their ceiling, lol. Thanks for the tips, nice vid!

  16. Mrarturodelacruz says:

    men you are the best!!!! I? did my first cuts with crown molding after i saw your videos and I already finished my first room, thanks a lot!

  17. jarniotes says:

    This is? a down to earth video with real solution to crown molding installation.

  18. reza0701 says:

    tank you so mach?

  19. daevil01 says:

    watch around 30-40 videos and this is the best one. everyone else was missinh the key info i was looking. thanks? for the video joe.

  20. mmmmm750 says:

    You Rock. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  21. Kntryhart says:

    Thanks for posting. No BS, just the facts!?

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