Cutting Crown Moulding in Position Part 1

This video shows and explains how to cut crown moulding in position on/with your compound miter saw safely and accurately. For more useful information please visit

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12 Responses to Cutting Crown Moulding in Position Part 1

  1. boobers9 says:

    hey man great video but i dont get exactly how to measure the crown moulding to? get it to the right length could u explain it alittle

  2. joefusco1960 says:


    I didn’t go over measuring iin the video but you can check the page on my site that does deal with it. I can’t post a link here which is like the dumbest thing.

    Thanks for the post and if you get a? chance give it a rating 😉

  3. joefusco1960 says:


  4. C3DesignBuild says:

    Gotta respect a Pro that admits that he often-times, makes the same mistakes! Top-Notch stuff ya got there? Joe! 5 Stars!

  5. superashton100 says:

    Great video?

  6. jrgleason2003 says:

    I like this? guy!

  7. kevlarunderwear22 says:

    me too,? he’s a real joe

  8. taylorsatt says:

    Everyone Joe Fusco is dead he died may 18 2010 at age 50. Prayers? be with his family. May joe get to be with the carpenter Jesus Christ. We will all miss you and your informational videos.

  9. Chiefzz64 says:

    Life is too short on this Earth. So, please, everyone.. figure out who this life is all? about!! “I AM the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. ( Jesus Christ!)

  10. 17jflor says:

    we lost joe fusco and larry? haun this year. two amazing carpenters. rip gentlemen

  11. Ryan Toelkes says:

    I liked this guy’s style. That’s? too bad he passed

  12. Vincent Joseph says:

    Joe… Great video… Your explanation virtually idiot-proofed the process of cutting? crown molding! Nice job my friend and thanks for the lesson!

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