Cutting Crown Molding

Cutting crown molding is simple with these tips from Tim Carter. Your crown molding will easily fit any inside or outside corner if you follow Tim’s tips. Simple crown molding will be even easier and complex crown molding will be doable. Sign up NOW for Tim’s FREE weekly newsletter at:

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25 Responses to Cutting Crown Molding

  1. dekonfrost7 says:

    btw, test pieces are good for detecting ceiling irregularities. and in drywall houses less sanding is don on the top ot the corner bead…so? it’s good advice…

  2. airborneSGT says:

    Why not? just cut your test pieces to determine your angle and bevel? I always cut my crown upside down on my saw and set my angle and bevel based on what I am using. I install a lot of larger profiles so its the only way I know. The larger profiles simply wont sit on the fence properly.

  3. AsktheBuilder says:

    Thanks for the comment! That is what? I do….., the test pieces that is. Test pieces are demonstrated in a few of my other videos. I have several buckets full of test pieces in all different sizes/profiles/angles.

  4. airborneSGT says:

    You have an informative series I will admit.Yeah I should do the same only I end up using so many? different profiles. I was referring to the way in which you cut the crown itself on the miter saw. I use a 12″ dual slide compound miter saw (Makita). I always lay my crown flat on the table of the saw itself. I I am a Florida licensed General Contractor specializing in commercial work. By trade I am a finish carpenter though.

  5. AsktheBuilder says:

    I can’t tell you as the miter method I? use produces tight joints in less time. To produce an accurate coping-cut line, you have to cut it the way I show. So why cope if you already have the perfect fit?

  6. kayakndave says:

    Nice video, but I think it would have helpful to show more of the actual saw cutting the molding. Are you angeling the table, or are you angeling? the blade?

  7. AsktheBuilder says:

    Thanks! You should watch my other Crown Molding videos. They? show you exactly what is happening at the saw.

  8. 97SS says:

    Thanks for the Video. I have watched it 4 times and I still cant get it right!!!

    I was wondering if you could come to my home to film a new video ?? I have plenty of Crown, including several that I precut? backwards so you can show everyone what NOT to do!!!!

  9. AsktheBuilder says:

    You need my Crown Molding? Ebook!!!!!

  10. the007machine says:

    Hi Tim,

    Your advice is excellent and I am buying your DVD tomorrow. I? can’t imagine trying to do this without your knowledge and tips. Thanks alot!

  11. AsktheBuilder says:

    Thank You!?

  12. jws54 says:

    good for the test pcs, always pays to be certain. Usually putting up crown stained? is easier and forgiving compared to painted, and white is a bitch. TG. for caulking, whiting
    etc, and at the very least touch up the ends of your mitres with something. better than seeing a thin “white” line at inside and outside joins.

  13. AsktheBuilder says:

    Yo? hablo espanol.

  14. Alex Q says:

    Thank you. Does an old school powerless miter box work well? If so how do you prevent the molding from sliding outward as you cut the? angle(creating like a 43 or 47 deg. miter cut)? Thank you very much.

  15. AsktheBuilder says:

    By tacking a small? strip of wood to the table that holds the molding in position

  16. tipetu says:

    that was actually a good idea!?

  17. Matthew Wilkinson says:

    How about compound angles, like gables? We spent all day and did not? successfully make a single joint.

  18. AsktheBuilder says:

    You have the keyword in your question! The angle in a gable end is NOT a compound cut. The crown is not going around a corner. Both pieces running up the gable are in the same plane. Think about how easy that cut is……. Think door or? window casing.

  19. myoung1204 says:

    How do? you cut outside corners that are not square? I have several 130 degree corners in my house. It is driving me crazy!!

  20. AsktheBuilder says:

    Easy…… Go watch my Fancy Crown Molding Corners video? and read that same column at my AsktheBuilder web site.

  21. zelmergobi says:

    if they are inside corners try coping moldings and if that doesn’t work then put the molding against the ceiling and trace the height and projection with a pencil on both sides of the corner making sure wall lines align and then mark the molding where it will meet and find? your angle on the saw…hope this helps

  22. vanessabella1 says:

    Just divide 130 Degree corner by 2 and you have 65 degrees? each peice. Most outside corners are 90 degrees so it would be a very sharp corner at 130 degrees.

  23. oOLim0o says:

    Thank you? for the helpful videos!

  24. oOLim0o says:

    Are these tools usually rent-able at the local home depot or? lowes?

  25. Robert Lemire says:

    thanks for your help ! Granted this was my first time installing crown molding , and trust me , profanity was being used……. after all was installed and caulked, it really looked nice and i was proud ! …… my biggest advice to people trying this, is to stay calm and figure it out ! the whole upside down and backwards concept IS how its done, and you will say as i said ” there has to be an easier way to cut crown molding? ” lol…. good luck !

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