Cutting Crown Molding using a Miter Box

Simple instruction on how to cut standard crown molding using a Stanley plastic miter box.

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17 Responses to Cutting Crown Molding using a Miter Box

  1. dallaschatham says:

    very helpful video
    i am putting up the same? exact crown in my kitchen and bought the same exact miter box and for the life of me could not figure out how to use it. look here and now have everything i need to know!
    thanks very informative video. great job!

  2. scrabble231 says:

    Thanks for the note- I’m glad this? helped you out!

  3. Patrick Molle says:

    Inside corners should be done using a coping saw my friend. No wall has an exact 90 degree angle. You will find over time that attempting to cut inside corners this way never holds up because homes shift and move. The caulk dries out? and breaks… its just not correct…

  4. scrabble231 says:

    Sorry you don’t agree. This technique worked great for me and many others who have seen the video!? This is really meant for the DIY novice. I’m sure a coping saw works great also if done right.

  5. gramgrad2 says:

    OMG. Thank you Thank you Thank you. As a novice DIYer and first time homeowner this was exactly what I was looking for. Worked perfectly. I am so proud of the results which I was struggling with until I found your video. Thanks again. ?

  6. emaginationphotograp says:

    if the molding is laying flat (i am making a giant frame to go around my bathroom mirror) would i just cut? the molding standing straight up?

  7. scrabble231 says:

    I’m glad this helped you out. Thanks for? the note!

  8. Lee Cook says:

    I messed up about 4 boards, before finding? this very helpful video! still had to buy a few more moulding boards, but much less waste now. coping smoping…Ill use my cheepo mitre box.

  9. whatever9342 says:

    Thank You so much for the video !! You wouldnt beleive how many outside cuts I have made when? all i need in this room are inside…. I dont know why i keep coming out with outside cuts ? It is so frustrating. Now I am going to go try again.. Thanks for the video!

  10. vibratingstring says:

    *how* do you use the coping saw? Are you suggesting that you run one piece past the other and then attempt to cut to the contours? If you don’t have 90 degrees, why not simply lift the bevel with a bevel gage and then set up the miter box with a? compensating wedge?

  11. hutchbeartrap22 says:

    thanks just finshed my? bath came out great respect!

  12. DaveAndRegs says:

    very helpful. hopefully i can stop wasting my money? now and cut these damn things the right way!!!

  13. MrJagergeek says:

    Thank you! I know this is the ‘perfect’ way to do it, but every other video assumes I have a professional power miter saw and speeds through the most difficult concepts. This is to the point and simple to follow. Thanks? again!

  14. Micicat says:

    I have been racking? my brain trying to figure out how to make the correct cut with the box. Although my husband has a mitre saw, I don’t have the time to learn how to use it nor, do I want to lug another piece of equipment to the job site. I really appreciate that you put this up for us novices. Thanks!

  15. TLGLsogirl8 says:

    Extremely helpful! This procedure makes it so much easier to install. We? were having a hard time until my husband and I found this video. The others were too complicated. Thank you so much!

  16. Deadshelia says:

    Saved a? marriage.

  17. scrabble231 says:

    LOL, glad? I could help out!

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