Cutting Crown Molding: A simple homemade setup

A simple setup for cutting crown molding that doesn’t require any special jigs or fixtures–just a 1×6 sacrificial crown stop!

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14 Responses to Cutting Crown Molding: A simple homemade setup

  1. 1011maximiliano says:

    oh men that saw is? beautiful

  2. alpacoify says:

    good tip thanx?

  3. emigrantgap says:

    its encouraging to watch a video that reinforces many of the same practices i? use at work. thanks for a clear and detailed, yet not long winded, video.

  4. Joneseyswoodworking says:

    Pretty Smart Guy, has any? one looked into the cutncrown technique?

  5. DesertHominid says:

    Why I’ve never made a jig like that, I’ll never know. Thanks, Gary, I’ll be trying that jig when I install crown in our kitchen this? week.

  6. Scott Travis says:

    Great tips! Thank? you, sir.

  7. binnsh says:

    Repeatable cuts are? key.

  8. inbetweentheday says:

    Garry Katz’s is a God in trim work. He won’t say it but I will. I’ve learned alot from this guy. His DvD’s are the best if you really want to learn? the subject.matter. Thanks!

  9. Blinda Windham says:

    Thanks? for the tip…I’m heading to your website now.

  10. myfyrbyrd says:

    Thanks for this video. I will use this method when the time comes for installing my molding. I appreciate? those that share their tips and pointers.

  11. reg8mm says:

    double thumbs up!?

  12. bearwoodcarpentry says:

    good tips thankyou. i think the error you talk about? gets doubled , not exponential.regards.

  13. Fuh Queue says:

    he means its classified as an “exponential problem” words change meaning depending on the use, its like? if you “default” financially you didn’t pay, but in computers “default” means the settings automatically used when you don’t pick a customized setting

  14. Benjamin Markley says:

    Why don’t you lay the crown flat and use the correct stops on the saw
    No set up needed?

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