Cutting crown molding

Cutting crown molding Miter at 31.62 Bevel at 33.9 Increase or decrease bevel slightly to adjust corners that are out of square. Using a fine toothed trim blade.

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9 Responses to Cutting crown molding

  1. Kevindad123 says:

    What do you charge to run crown? Just jokin’. Good stuff. Thanks for the refresher? course.

  2. tsaotsaotherebel says:

    Good job, finally someone who copes around? here.

  3. johncunningham60 says:

    this guy knows his sh-t
    I watched them all……the JIGSAW cope….the guy who GRINDS the cope..LOL
    This guy? gets after it and does it right taking less time to do it the old fashioned way then all the other fake shortcuts………and he tells the cameraman what to do on top of it all!!!!!!!!!!. I love guy!

  4. jrichter09 says:

    I watched a ton of crown install videos and this one was by far the simplest, easiest, and straight to the point method.? He rocks.

  5. THEBILLPHIL says:

    Good Video. I wish? I could do it that quick.

  6. TruckerTim76 says:

    Top notch bro. Takes a yankee to set? it straight in the carpentry world

  7. el8fu says:

    super video el mas facil? y el mas bien esplicado

  8. Dane Harvey says:

    Holly crap its Rob!! Found this? video by coincidence dude…this is Dane by the way lol

  9. NUTclan4ever says:

    Great video. And nice blade. Is that a 90-tooth? Last? year I got a Hitachi 90-toother (only $50!!!) and I’ve never had smoother, straighter cuts. Before, I was using a 70-toother; but no matter how sharp it was, I never got such perfect edges as I do now.

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