Cutting Crown for Vaulted Ceilings Part 2

A short video on how to cut crown molding to fit onto vaulted or cathedral ceilings without the use of any special equipment. Find out more at http://www.jos…

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24 Responses to Cutting Crown for Vaulted Ceilings Part 2

  1. bobbyfillier says:

    Thanks Joe. This is a great help for the do it yourself person. I will get my Wife on it A.S.A.P. She? said it looks easy, some chance on that happening. Thanks again

  2. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    VERY NICE! ? Although I would avoid doing that for sanity purposes, you have to give the customer what they want and you have given me one more skill to work with. Thanks for sharing!+++Bob

  3. jackrm9 says:

    after countless websites and? explanations, Finally something I can use. Great Job!

  4. joefusco1960 says:

    Thanks Bob,? I like your video’s as well 😉

  5. joefusco1960 says:

    Jack, glad it was helpful to? you.

  6. DrewInTO says:

    Thanks Joe. ? It was a very useful piece.

  7. bdauphney says:

    thanks joe for all? of your knowledge,your a very good teacher.

  8. ozzstar says:

    Excellent explanation, great job describing all the small details necessary. ? Thanks

  9. Samuel Lainez says:

    Great Xplenation Good Work

  10. Tracy Smith says:

    This was great!! Thanks Joe.?

  11. kinoinferno says:

    Nice explanation! Thanks. Very encouraging, too? I agree. It’s always good to start with paint grade finish first. (buy more ready-patch!)

  12. WkedAthena says:

    Mr. Fusco, thank you so much for taking the time to explain! Your video is a blessing, my husband and I have been installing crown molding throughout our home, ..and your video, had the best explanation on? how to do the Vaulted Ceiling. We were stuck for months, until we found you!! Thank you again, and God Bless.

  13. Jared r says:

    Thank you for taking time to make these videos. They have been very helpful for this do? it yourselfer.

  14. George Moffat says:

    Thanks a million. I’ve been putting off doing the crown moulding in the vaulted ceiling area of my living/dining room for over a year because I couldn’t figure it out. Your video is perfect–now I can get the job? finished. Thank you again: Extremely helpful.

  15. taylorsatt says:

    Everyone Joe Fusco is dead he died may 18 2010 at age 50. Prayers be with his family. May joe get to be with the carpenter? Jesus Christ. We will all miss you and your informational videos.

  16. Guy Guernsey says:

    I should have watched this sooner 🙁 I wound up with? 4 nice 4″ blocks routered on bottom !!! They look great but i feel like a cheater now…Thanks , Guy. Indiana

  17. ApacheBoneknife says:

    Can someone? tell me how to do this with upside down baseboards running under the crown molding?

  18. Thomas A. McGinniss says:

    Ode to Joe – His wonderful character came? through the video.

  19. TheParallelParallel says:

    RIP Joe, there’s a special place in heaven? for people with the heart of a teacher.

  20. jhweh2007 says:

    great job?

  21. shsupermedic says:

    What a great job.? Great instruction.

  22. shsupermedic says:

    What a? loss. Rip joe.

  23. heeykoolaide says:

    extremely? informative video joe, thanks

  24. jvilo80 says:

    What did He pass away from? Thats too bad.?

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