Cutting Crown for Vaulted Ceilings Part 1

A short video on how to cut crown molding to fit onto vaulted or cathedral ceilings without the use of any special equipment. Find out more at http://www.jos…

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10 Responses to Cutting Crown for Vaulted Ceilings Part 1

  1. rugar458 says:

    Nice,? very informative.

  2. Win Dennis says:

    Finally someone who can tell a laymen like me how to do it right. Joe,? I’ve been waiting 8 years for you to help me and me and my wife thank you

  3. farock1965 says:

    Can you make that transition piece? (cut) on the flat ?

  4. dickszymanski says:

    Joe, great info. I’m using it right now. However, I’m trying to go around a small column on a wall that? has a vaulted ceiling. The column only comes off the wall a short distance so there is no room for a transition piece. The ceiling is at a 20 deg slope. I’m lost. What do I do?

  5. njrun says:

    i heard joe? is dead i hope that is not true i like his vids

  6. pjvt01 says:

    Great Info! Good? job!

  7. taylorsatt says:

    Everyone Joe Fusco is dead he died may 18 2010 at age 50. Prayers be with his family.? May joe get to be with the carpenter Jesus Christ. We will all miss you and your informational videos.

  8. Guy Guernsey says:

    So sorry ….? he did a great job !!!1

  9. Taxminia0311 says:

    Rip joe my the lord always have? blessing & love upon on your resting soul

  10. martino7334 says:

    Where’s part 2??

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