Cut your PCB using a stool and Dremel Mini Saw

I converted the DREMEL rotary tool to a mini tabletop saw, which enables me to cut everything up to about 4 mm thickness but most of all i use it for cuting my PCB.

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25 Responses to Cut your PCB using a stool and Dremel Mini Saw

  1. blue25INA says:

    great ideas 😉 like? it

  2. chainsawgeek100 says:

    type gift before youtube to? win a prize

  3. ModellbauSchoenwitz says:


  4. Raniljayakody says:

    grt idea man!! good? wrk..

  5. HeadShot360IN says:

    where’s your emergency? stop button?!?!? ;D

  6. dognuts101 says:

    just? watch your digits eh

  7. budiman71 says:

    very good idea i liked? very much

  8. Domonkos89 says:

    During this period also saw? do it now …

  9. mercedesbenzla911b says:

    very genious idea. thank-you very much for uploading this? video.

  10. mrshitaake says:

    One of the most practicable advice? ive gotte in my life! 5 Stars!!

  11. Pablo Banovsky says:

    MASTER !!!!, great idea …?

  12. peregrinestudio says:

    Brilliant? idea

  13. lin018 says:

    Very? smart..~

  14. super8hogan says:

    This is a freaking GENIUS of an idea!! Well done!!?

  15. Piotr Kula says:

    Fantastic!? Just need to mention some PCB dust can be harmful for respiration..nice work.

  16. Valter Fernandes says:

    Hey there. Waht disk do you recomend using for PCB cutting?
    Let me know. thanks.?

  17. Chris Sabatina says:

    Wow! This guy is a? genius!

  18. galinrizov says:

    thats? dope !

  19. TechJumper1 says:

    thats? smart

  20. starcrafthero says:

    Thats pretty clever but i would suggest that u put grid lines on the stool just so u know where the blade is. Its quiet dangerous too so maybe bright electrical tape to mark out a box? that way when ur hands? come into contact with it, it u will be aware that u need to be more careful. U can also put grid lines for where the blade is 45? or 60? to the object so u always get that precise cut. I would use a sharpie marker for that.

  21. kenneth adkins says:

    hey thanks for the video gives me an idea to use one of those stools to make me a stand for my router wha-la table top router.I can put a hole in the middle of the stool and mout my router under bottom.maybe you couldtry it and post a video for a dual purpose stool.LOL!!!!?


    Now? that is gangster

  23. PersjScholar says:

    That’s awesome. Greet idea.?

  24. bitcrushnpranksta says:

    Wow I bet you could make a swanky table router with a stool and? dremel as well

  25. mwc66 says:

    just? brilliant, fantastic engineering mind. gona copy your idea

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