Crown-Pro™ – Crown Molding Simplified!

Learn More: Installing crown molding is one of the best ways to add instant value to your home. The Kreg Crown-Pro™ simplifies the most frustrating steps of the process so you make fewer mistakes and get the job done faster! This uniquely designed tool holds your trim at the exact angle required, eliminating the need for advanced compound miter cuts and difficult ‘coping’. It’s unique curved design lets you compensate for a wide variety of crown molding spring angles, and it’s extension arms let you work with crown up to 5-1/2″ wide. No Compound Cuts Necessary Eliminates Coping of Joints Curved Design Matches Any Spring Angle Works for Inside and Outside Corners Angle-Finder Included Compact design works with most miter saws Full support for crown up to 5-1/2 wide (12″ Saw Required)

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11 Responses to Crown-Pro™ – Crown Molding Simplified!

  1. nichircorocks62 says:

    how much is this???????

  2. mrbxoo says:

    $30? from amazon.

  3. Bibliophilos says:

    Good idea,? especially for those who don’t have a compound miter saw.

  4. Slickwilly49 says:

    this tool is very dangerous for pieces longer than 4ft,? the weight of the molding on longer boards will want to cause the jig to lift up, tape doesnt help. speaking from experience, its easier just to cut it normally on a saw then buying a gimmick jig, which sadly i found out by buying this. its actually pretty hard to use because you have to keep the molding square to the jig, and the jig square to the fence, imagine trying to do that on a 16ft piece

  5. Joneseyswoodworking says:

    @slickwilly, thanks for the information, your words of experience had me running! So I alos? looked at the cutncrown version of this crown molding tool and it looked much more solid and they had a roller system that holds the long lengths of the crown. Wish me luck, I hope it works.

  6. highplainsdrifter91 says:

    Something I found helpful was to just support longer pieces at the end with a block or? some 2×4’s. Worked great!

  7. tconst17 says:

    Many novice woodworkers think crown would be difficult, but soon find its as easy to cut as any moulding. I have installed miles of crown an walls as well as cabinets and my advice is save your money on a “jig” for this. Making a few pencil lines on your base and fence for the spring angle and remembering the “upside down and backwards” rule, crown is pretty simple stuff. I also agree on outfeed supports or a mitre saw stand that already has them, preferably rollers. ?

  8. gtarbmx says:

    this is a completely unnecessary tool. you can’t even cut larger crown and it’s very unsave. i suggest learning the crown miter angle table and having one handy. nearly 90% of crown should? be cut laying flat on the table.

  9. Buckeyecat2002 says:

    Great informercial and sales pitch. I prefer Montel Williams Juicer infomercials.?

  10. elementx440 says:

    $25.04 and free shipping?

  11. elementx440 says:

    every piece they cut was 2′? long, what about supporting long pieces?

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