Crown Moulding Jig

A copy of the plans for this jig can be found here…

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  1. Austin DenHerder says:

    Do you have plans for this jig? If you do how may we get a? set? Thank you for the great video…

  2. Gord Graff says:

    Hello Austin,

    I’ve posted a link to the plans for this jig above,? in the description bar.


  3. CabinetsByKevin says:

    Very nice video… question for you, can this jig be turnened? around 180 degrees? So that I can cut crown molding “as it is seen” right side up & front wards (not unsitde down & backwards)

  4. Aaron Dwoskin says:

    Gord, really enjoy your videos! I’m looking at buying a router for projects like this and noticed in this? video you are using the DWP618, but you had a review video on the DWP611 previously. Which one do you like better? Thanks, and keep up the great work with your videos!

  5. Chris Slauenwhite says:

    Gord I truly enjoy these videos. ?

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