Crown Moulding Cutting Jig Pt2 YT

A simple jig to cut crown moulding with your compound miter saw. To view part 1 follow this link: For more please

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10 Responses to Crown Moulding Cutting Jig Pt2 YT

  1. nih6327 says:

    looking? good joe you look like you been hitting the gym. thanks for your vids they kick ass

  2. joefusco1960 says:

    Thanks! Just some pushups and situps with a few curls thrown in? 😉

  3. joefusco1960 says:

    I? have a set of crown stops for that saw, that wasn’t the point of the video. . .

  4. markjtapply says:

    I’d have the room crowned and be on the way to the bank with the check while you’re still screwing around making the jig. Great for hobbyists though.Nice job on the? video too.

  5. waynee28 says:

    Awesome videos. Glad you had? the kahunas to leave in the bloopers. And you’re getting RIPPED Joe an inspiration for us all.

  6. enduringpromise says:

    Thank you for taking the time to create this video and sharing with us. Great idea. Wondering how well this will work with a 10″? Miter Saw.

  7. Phoebe Ann Sharp says:

    If you’re? going to go to the trouble of making a jig, why not make it so you can place the molding in it just like it will go on the wall i.e., right side up?

  8. MisterSoul99 says:

    Joe, I saw your vid made that jig and it worked pretty good. Then I followed? up on another idea I had and made another style by modifying my saw a bit, if you are interested you can see the vid I did on it. Thanks for sharing your ideas and stuff.

  9. femininehygiene says:

    Without a slide to bring the cutting angle upward you’d end? up with blown out joints.

  10. Phoebe Ann Sharp says:

    So far, so? good…

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