Crown Molding Simplified by DIY Celebrity Ron Hazelton

505P-7 Protractor as demonstrated by Ron Hazelton — the fastest, easiest and the most accurate way to crown molding. This new approach to crown molding helps user get rid of bevel gage and the confusing calculations. Starrett 505P-7 Protractor measures the angle of the wall and indicates the miter angle without any calculations! Get answers to all your questions – What’s better? Miter Cuts or Coping Crown Molding? Get crown moldings right for your ceiling! Learn more about Starrett Protractors:

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25 Responses to Crown Molding Simplified by DIY Celebrity Ron Hazelton

  1. G1TD34G3D says:

    We want more of? your VIDEOS !

  2. thacoify says:

    This is the kind of? video people likes!

  3. rapidleechz90 says:

    Woww, this makes me want to download Vagex?

  4. dris12001 says:

    i looooooooved it?

  5. MannySman84 says:

    Nice editing,looks? great!

  6. nguienu says:

    this video is too good for words, no really, im speechless, well apart from that speech, ok ,? well its an awesome vid keep em coming lol

  7. MissTabbyKitty says:

    i like it make more vids just? so good like megan fox

  8. LethalLps says:


  9. beverlee45 says:

    Cant wait for your next vid to come out? 🙂

  10. Larsen Eli says:

    I? love this video!!

  11. IreneNolte says:

    Wish i had talents? like that!

  12. Brenda Earle says:


  13. Giao Thao Luu Huynh says:

    dam dat was? soooo dam sexy like? 4real:)

  14. donaldtrump97 says:

    that what I am looking for? a while

  15. Larsen Eli says:

    Now that? got my attention – Subbed 🙂

  16. BlandJorge209 says:

    sucks? ass

  17. lexlugo13 says:

    Now this is what I like to see.?

  18. inetuser62 says:

    this is amazing!!?

  19. camalatm says:

    Wow this is sick. MORE?

  20. huybompro1 says:

    Greatest? video of all time!

  21. mylordheaven says:

    My? mind just got blown by the awesomeness of that video.

  22. Jackson20122 says:

    did you make this alone?

  23. chitaievra808622 says:

    recommend it to your? friends 🙂

  24. Moti David says:

    Nice job! Like it… ?

  25. Vincent Joseph says:

    Great!!!? 4.0 Class

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