Crown molding part 4

In this final of a 4 part series, Bob Schmidt shows you the balance of the installation in his crown molding project. Including shots of the finished crown m…

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14 Responses to Crown molding part 4

  1. Barry Mann says:

    Thank you for posting this series. Timely for me as I have this project coming up soon at my home. I will refer back to the videos as I proceed in installing my crown.? Thanks again. Always enjoy all your videos.

  2. PeterQBrownDesign says:

    I do construction videos as well, but you are the king! Super well done, clear and concise. Any professional can appreciate what you are posting. Hats off to you.?

  3. benny bennys says:

    Hello what angle? is the splice 22 or 45 degrees.

  4. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Thank? you, nice to hear! +++Bob

  5. PeterQBrownDesign says:

    can we chat and compare? notes on putting out these videos sometime?

  6. TheDickPuller says:

    Great job Bob,? very informative as always.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Sure send me a message (private) with your # and? I will give you a call+++Bob

  8. MrGoosePit says:

    I really enjoyed this series.? Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise!

  9. countyhp says:

    I know, I know, its? already been said, but I’m going to say it again, nice video series. Well Done.

  10. vlineguy says:

    Thanks Bob I needed a refresher course cause it has been a while since I put up this? same exact molding. Getting ready to do the same thing

  11. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Some things just cant be said too much lol+++Bob?

  12. tomfafard says:

    How come you did not show the self? return? Those are a lot harder than you made it out to be. I love the way you explain things.

  13. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    How are they alot harder? You cut the appropriate mitre and? then cut square to the back side. I wish now I had shown doing it, I thought it would become repetitive showing too many cuts using the same system, sorry +++Bob

  14. tomfafard says:

    I just watched it again. I see what I missed the first time.? I was under the impression that the angles were completely different. Is it difficult to calculate the angle for the wall?

    I hope you earn money for doing these, you work too hard to just give away your experience…but I sure am glad you do. Thank you. Tom

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