crown molding part 1

In this first video of a series, Bob Schmidt shows you the steps to take in choosing crown molding for your room. He provides a lot of helpful hints to assis…

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16 Responses to crown molding part 1

  1. goldspe says:

    Woohoo Bob? is back!

  2. cool86gt says:

    great? info

  3. grabmint says:

    I’m glad to see you making more videos, they’re great ! More? More !

  4. specialks1953 says:

    It’s about damn time you got off your butt and share your way of doing projects with us again! – – – You may not be perfect but you sure give a lot of good information we can use, in order? to do our projects! – – Bring it on!

  5. jjlwis says:

    awesome! and wow, i never figured Crown Molding would be so tricky… thanks for the tips? Bob!

  6. Wing Lui says:

    You should be teacher.? Thank you.

  7. noway180 says:

    i like the 2 base trims? with nice middle for molding. thsnks

  8. Jay Hunter says:

    Good to see you Bob! I? have a question on laying out the chalk lines for basement walls. The concrete walls go in and out and I get different measurements down the walls. Any advice on what to do to get a good measurement for a straight chalk line.

  9. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    You may? want to watch part two+++Bob

  10. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    The name of the video I made is basement framing layout,check it out if? it doesnt answer your question let me know.+++Bob

  11. ballershanelle says:

    Just stain? with one coat, wipe…later, stainer up

  12. Moe7133 says:

    Great Video as always? Bob!

  13. TomSawyerPainting says:

    I cant wait for Part 2 and 3…. Thanks a Ton Bob? ! 🙂

  14. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    You are welcome .part 2? is up now+++Bob

  15. countyhp says:

    Don’t want to sound like a hater, but, did you know that your boot laces were not tied.
    ? Also, no mention of a miter saw.

  16. HomeRemodelWorkshop says:

    Actually I did mention that I expected you to own a power miter box, and mentioned that I use? a 12 inch saw that could cut up to 4 1/4 inch crown.+++Bob

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