Crown Molding Installation – Nail Gun – Part 1

Tutorial on how to install Lynea Crown Moldings (using a finish nail gun). These instructions are for installing crown moldings with pre-made and pre-mitered corner blocks to make installation easy and elegant! For more information go to

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9 Responses to Crown Molding Installation – Nail Gun – Part 1

  1. Ben Plaza says:

    This has been the best instruction on crown molding installaton I have seen thank you so much for? making it your explanations uncomplicated.

  2. crownmoldinglynea says:

    Thanks hoover! We did our best to be clear and concise. Another video will be coming soon explaining how to run recessed lighting. We’ll also shoot all future videos in high definition!?

  3. RTGio2000 says:

    nice job……?

  4. dggd says:

    Thank? you. This has been such a big help.

  5. cdilmore says:

    I don’t understand the relay piece… why do I want a non-matching piece? Great video – thank? you!

  6. crownmoldinglynea says:

    Thanks for commenting cdilmore! The relay piece is meant to 1) eliminate the need for joining the two pieces of crown molding directly together, which would require a miter saw and? a 45 degree cut. 2) Break up the monotony of the pattern by creating a symmetrical center piece on the wall. This was the classical solution in a lot French and English architecture. Hope this helps!

  7. ucfwarrior says:

    Great work young man this is the perfrct video i was looking how to install it not cut it.


  8. burtonkidd says:

    I’m only 16 and have been in carpentry for 6 years. Every one knows there is no such thing as a PERFECT corner, so in this case of installing crown you? use a angle finder not a speed square to get the exact angle of your wall. 90/2 is 45 right, when i installed the crown in our house the angle varied from 45.1 – 45.3
    Other then that great video.

  9. vegasrenie says:

    This even makes popcorn? ceilings look good!

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