Crown Molding Installation – Hammer and Nails – Part 2

Tutorial on how to install Lynea Crown Moldings (using hammer and nails). These instructions are for installing crown moldings with pre-made and pre-mitered …

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12 Responses to Crown Molding Installation – Hammer and Nails – Part 2

  1. banderaph says:

    Awesome dude.
    Just the video I’m looking? for using nails and hammer.


  2. crownmoldinglynea says:

    Glad to? be of help baneraph!

  3. Derek T says:

    Now tell everyone? how the patterns of the moldings do not match or repeat. Why nail up heavy wood moldings when you can just glue up foam moldings.

  4. crownmoldinglynea says:

    Great observations. The patterns match when using our relay blocks (the pieces that go between each length of crown). The moldings we are installing in this video ARE foam moldings, we just apply the nails to hold? the crown in place while the glue sets =)

  5. Alpha Tan says:

    oh my gosh? so easy….this should save me a lot of money man…. love u so much

  6. hokohokozq says:

    thank you <3?

  7. vegasrenie says:

    2:40 You? said there’d be no math…

  8. MrTinflo says:

    u should start by learning? how to hold a hammer!!!

  9. piddler51 says:

    16 nails per length of? foam crown?

  10. purplemonkey217 says:

    great video this was very helpful. For a newbie doing projects at home, this will help me greatly when installing crown molding. Thanks? for putting this video up…

  11. azman man says:

    dupang ka…angai tinuku;l…gaie ajja gi? na am dupang alambiara manga kapil itu

  12. MultiAlister says:

    0:52 Why? beat? Can be glue!

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