Crown Molding Installation Basics

Extreme How-To editor, Matt Weber, covers the basics of installing your own Crown Molding. For more info, go to

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5 Responses to Crown Molding Installation Basics

  1. Jennifer Dontno says:

    thanks alot! good? demo!

  2. talondriver6 says:

    Great overview! As a non-carpenter, I had to watch it several times to try to absorb all the info. This video would be great with a follow-up “advanced” or expanded video where you could see the actual work like coping cuts etc and try to master the techniques before trying yourself. I’ve been working with a remodeler in my home and finding out that the “tricks of the trade” or good techniques can save a lot of time and trouble. Maybe some should be? included in part 2. Thanks for posting!

  3. polishpunk55 says:

    Why so? many thumbs down? What up with that?

  4. franklin barrios says:


  5. i888088888 says:

    He talking like? he is takeing shit

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