Easy Crown Molding

  Make a Dramatic Statement on a Low Budget

While crown molding can be installed in a variety of ways even a simple profile piece of crown will enhance any room.  You don't have to build it up or compliment it with anything else and still you can achieve a wonderful look.  The more basic the crown profile is the more forgiving it will be to minor discrepencies in miter cuts.  The more complicated profiles must match up exactly during the crown moulding installation when lining up the crown molding corners or it will be very noticable and come off unprofessional.  A simpler basic moulding allows for more error in the corners without being as noticable.

Foam Crown Molding

An alternative easy to install crown molding is made of styrofoam.  The biggest advantage of using foam molding is how quickly it can be put up and without using nails or almost any tools.  Polystyrene molding can be installed with a simple hand miter box if so desired and a tube of caulk or adhesive.  It's that simple.  For anyone who has been installing crown moulding for any length of time however, this type of molding and method of installation is not exactly considered traditional and might be looked down on as a cheap way out.  But foam products and foam moldings in particular have come a long way and can really look so authentic that even the trained eye may not realize what it is.

The other great benefit to styrofoam crown molding is that many of the products on the market are sold with companion inside and outside corners so that miter or coping cuts are not even needed.  These systems can be installed with just straight cuts that butt up against the corners making it quick and painless to install.

A simple crown molding can be very easy for the weekend warrior to install fairly quickly and when installed correctly with the right color applied will pop off the walls and not come off like cheap crown molding that .  It can be put up in 8 foot lengths and the corners can be mitered in and caulked for a complete and finished look.  Throw on some paint and your done!

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