Creating a Derby Car with a Dremel Rotary Tool

See how to create a derby car with a Dremel rotary tool.

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25 Responses to Creating a Derby Car with a Dremel Rotary Tool

  1. ptvanwinden says:

    You? think its a typo?…lol

  2. mindharvester says:

    how to spend like $150 worth of? dremel stuff for a stupid car

  3. tharrington11 says:

    dremel tools arent only for wooden cars you hick. and dremel? most dremel tools are under $150.

  4. mindharvester says:

    dude falled on your head i posted that you mostly like? 150$ valeu of dremel stuff to make the carr

  5. Jan Schmitz says:

    I like it. For a grown man it may be stupid to buy a Dremel and make a car but i wanne see the eyes of a 4 year old boy become that? as a gift.

    I personaly like to work with a Dremel on plastic cases for led lights.

  6. pcblah says:

    i spent 99 on a dremel 4000 and it died in 5 min D: its on? a vid on my channel the newest one

  7. efgeeacharetee says:

    i think its interesting that the wood cutting? accessory they use isn’t dremel’s.

  8. Dremel410 says:

    That is in fact a Dremel accessory.? All accessories, attachments and tools used in every video we post are all made by Dremel.

  9. efgeeacharetee says:

    O, my bad. i? am not familiar with this accessory

  10. HsojTAN says:

    @mindharvester, obviously there not saying? “buy a dremel or you cant make a car” there trying to show the many purposes of a dremel tool and the amazing capabilities it possesses

  11. Leafblower258 says:

    IM NOT TRYING TO? ADVERTISE BUT IM SCARED OF WHAT IT SEES in 1908 a lady named? sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed? her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you? and ur family and if u? want to stop this just sends? this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck!!

  12. MrCentrax says:

    Little kid?

  13. Brendan Tran says:

    when i use the disk thing, it always? makes burns on the wood! how do you make it not burn?

  14. Dremel410 says:

    Usually if you’re experiencing burning in the wood that is caused by using a fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel, which will work for very thin wood. You should make sure? you are using a carbide wheel like the 543. Cutting is a high speed application and it’s best to run the tool at high speed. Also, if you hold the wheel in the wood for an extended period of time without moving it, this can cause burning or if the bit is dull.

  15. Jacob Brooks says:

    it said chevy power when it looks like a? mustang

  16. cengiz ermis says:

    Hi, I have recently bought a dremel 300 tool and I want to work on a very similar project. I understood everything except the type of paint used to color the car. It has a very quality finish… What kind of a paint? is that?

  17. sadoxra says:

    Wow… you complete the car in 1 minute and 15 seconds? xD

  18. 10OZDuster says:

    a band saw would have been nice?

  19. Tristan102100 says:

    the 543 wheele…in home depot it was 18 dollars. is that expencive? it wasn’t the ez lock one. i really need it but i don’t know? if it’s worth 18 dollars.

  20. Marshall Tearle says:

    How did the cuts at 0:45 transform? to the ones at 1:10 ?

  21. MrAlexandros99 says:

    I bought a dremel 300-30? a week ago and when I run it there are small sparks inside.
    Is this normal?

  22. robro014 says:

    @eaxtlkt you’re right most of the interior pro guys hiding the best wood working plans from the public. but a friend of mine working with Top Class furnitures said these designs are the? main models for attractive wooden furnitures and wooden crafts. get the best one here :

  23. Joe Tiso says:

    Bought this cutting wheel.Tried it on hardwoods,a wooden pallet,molding? etc.It cuts like butter.Great addition to a great tool.

  24. Caffeen says:

    I was wondering? the same thing. The final one is a pre-cut derby car that they bought and painted. I JUST saw it at the store and said “Hey! That’s the car from the dremel video I saw last night.” And now it all makes sense how those sloppy cuts ‘transformed’ to that machine-precise final result.

  25. jesperhk88 says:


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